Monday, July 20, 2009


Can the Democratic Party in Kentucky get any more comical? Seriously. I have been a Democrat most of my life (with the exception of 2006 when I went independent for one year to run against Jerry) and never have I seen such blatantly obvious piss poor leadership.

According to the CJ report here: Abramson to be Beshear's running mate in 2011 The Courier-Journal. Steve Beshear has announced Abramson to be his running mate. Of course as they are both part of the political machine for well over 30 years is this a surprise? Heck no it is the worst kept secret in Frankfort over the last couple of months.

Personally I told everyone Abramson would not run for Mayor in 2010 a year ago. No big surprise.

The surprise is that Steve Beshear actually followed through with this decision. Abramson has done nothing for Louisville period. They were in financial crisis pre merger and he has dragged down the rest of us with him. City/ County merger was supposed to help us all with combined resources in government and a whole host of other ways to get federal funding.

What have we gotten? The same government, fraudulent activity with federal dollars, and a Metro that has become a gestapo looking for more money from its citizens. Of course Cordish and Abramson's friends got their money didn't they?

Why in the world would we want him anywhere near the Governor's office? Because no one else would run with Beshear. It really is that simple. Beshear is the same hack he has always been. How we ended up with him is a mystery. He is spineless and cannot follow through with a decision to save his life. Bought and paid for by the lobbyist as usual.

Therein is the biggest problem. He now gets his number 2 guy who is bought and paid for as well.

Some will say great at least he is out of Louisville. I would disagree. At State level he is going to screw us all as well. With the State always having problems because of the same machine Abramson benefits from it will get even worse with both Beshear and Abramson.

Sad but true.

Some will say well we can finally get some new blood and make things better. With whom?

Jim King? David Tandy?

King is a parasite and will make Abramson look like an altar boy. He is as shady as they come, in my opinion, and one reason why he is under investigation now for possible illegal activity.

David Tandy fares no better. He is as gutless as it comes and has carried Abramson's water so much he will not be any different. Tandy has his own problems what with his own brother involved in bonding for the City so he gets a cut as well. As part of that machine that helps Abramson he is looking to get his "reward" for being a team player for Abramson's regime so he can profit even greater as well.

The same apple from the same tree essentially.

So far no Republicans have announced for Louisville Metro Mayor. Why is that? I have no idea but I can tell you this. There will be an announcement coming soon from someone for this race I assure you. A name that is familiar and always tells it like it is.

Bottom line Beshear I hope is done at this point. I am still waiting for part two of my prediction about Abramson resigning and taking over Lt. Governor early. That may have changed since the latest fiasco by him in WV concerning poorer, blacker, and older comments used in regards to pre merger.

Why do we continue electing the same old entrenched, get the same old results, and then gripe about why things are so bad? I have no idea.

I, for one, will be supporting Gatewood for Governor at this point.

We need outsiders to the machine at City and State level to make any significant progress at all.

The same old story by the same old players has hurt us all.

For Louisville Metro Mayor? I can promise it will NOT BE Tandy or King.

They remind me of algae that live in the river. It may be great for carp to eat but they certainly would hurt our stomach's digestion.

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