Sunday, July 12, 2009


For those who have been keeping up with this case, and asking for updates, effective Monday KREF should have my motion to disqualify request to essentially recuse themselves from the King case and forward the case to court. The law is clear that they may be potential witnesses in any court action and therefore cannot rule on this case.

Simply, since King's attorney Sheryl Snyder publicly stated that King was in the right based on information he received from the registry, and they have provided no proof, the registry itself will be a potential witness in any charges.

At the same time since Sheryl Snyder and Joe Terry have both been integral parts of the registry by Chairing the registry or by representing them in previous cases we essentially cannot rely on what is to be considered an impartial judgement.

This is the simplest way to explain it. If you would like a copy of the request or any docs concerning this case write me and I will send them.

The King's and counsel have requested extensions that they set, were granted and ignored, and did not answer anything brought for by the KREF in regards to financial data concerning money given to Katie from her Dad Jim King. As of June 29, the latest extension granted by the KREF to provide the documentation they have requested on several occasions, I have no records indicating that they accomplished that to date.

Either way they have had more than 8 months, the original complaints were filed in December through the JCC and publicized, and have not fulfilled that obligation.

Does it take 8 months to produce documentation from a father to a daughter? This defies logic.

One can only assume that either the paperwork was not in order and had to be manufactured, or it took that long to come up with a good excuse. Of course this is my personal opinion and I am entitled to it by law.

Stay tuned when I get word you will too and thanks for all those who keep trying to get info. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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