Saturday, July 11, 2009


Once again our illustrious Mayor is touting how great merger has been and cheer leading what a great guy he was in making it happen. Funnily enough he did a 49 minute interview with officials in West Virginia that was recorded.

Guess who has a copy?

Yep. Louisville News and Politics.

I will post the whole thing later but I found one troubling remark at the 11 min 30 sec spot I broke out for you. Seems during the Mayoral race in 2006 while I spoke with Jerry, after the WLKY debate, about merger he was bragging to me how merger saved the County because they were always broke and the City bailed them out.

Of course I told him he was a liar and that the City was broke and he needed the County to bail him out. I also spoke about how the promise of merger would not materialize because of the way the City was treating the County residents.

Funnily enough he actually used this as one of his statements which essentially backed up my point. He had to have the County to survive.

Check it out for yourself:

Additionally he spent a great deal of time blaming the County Judge Executive and the County government for holding us up on jobs and bragging about getting KFC jobs, Pizza Hut jobs, Taco Bell jobs and how he made it all happen. Bragging about hundreds of "good paying" jobs such as these.

Anyone think minimum wage, part time jobs for the most part, are the best we can do for our community?

I hope not.

Plenty more to come I assure you stay tuned........


  1. Jerry Abramson has been a disaster for this city and the entire region as a whole. This area deserves better and we either need him to be investigated for corruption charges by Jack Conway or he needs to be voted out. Either way, this city will decline as long as we keep getting the same type of people running things. For anyone who thinks having Jim King or David Tandy as the solution is delusional. They are all the same side of the same coin.

    As far as a mayor goes, maybe someone outside of the current Metro Council and political realm. Not these people running things that have been good little rubber stamps over the years. This community has declined in quality over the years because of these people. Tens of thousands of jobs lost in the last 20 years. Crumbling infrastructure, school issues, etc. Not to mention a culture of corruption in the mayoral administration. Consider IPL, BOZA, Housing, Public Works, MSD, etc. Start doing your research Louisville and reading up what these people are doing and stay tuned because its time for a nice new website dedicated to Jerry to come online in future weeks.

  2. I agree completely. I have asked cuntless times for an investigation into Abramson dealings and even the Metro Council jumped on board in regards to the DDC getting the rent from Slugger Field.

    Attorney General Conway's action?

    Absolutely nothing to date. he is more concerned with his election for Senate than investigating his well known political insider buddy Abramson.

    In my opinion anyway.

    As far as King, Tandy, and others? King is already under nvestigation because of my charges that I will not let go so he isn't ready to announce and Tandy will be spoken about soon ;-)

    Thanks as always for the comments.

  3. I sat in a meeting with His Honor several years ago where he made a very similar comment about Louisville. The context was he was interviewing for the Presidency at UofL at the time. He went on to explain how he would ausage the fears of persons out in the state who are afraid to sent their children to "big, black Louisville". Needless to say, I was apalled, as were several other people in the room.

    This is just business as usual!


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