Friday, July 17, 2009


Let the spin begin. According to this article from the CJ today Cordish spending records on club sought The Courier-Journal Bruce Traughber, our favorite son of Abramson, David Tandy, our favorite rubberstamp wannabe Mayor friend of Abramson, and City Auditor Mike Norman, what can we say, will be going to Baltimore to inspect the records on the latest $950,000 gift to Cordish.


This is the best we can do? Tandy you may recall went to Frankfort to fight SB 80, a Metro transparency bill, on behalf of Abramson stating that we do not need transparency. Come on we trust this guy to look after our interests? Politics as usual Jery says go fight this on my behalf and Tandy jumps. We suffer for it. Thanks david.

Bruce Traughber cannot answer any questions without deflection or ignorance in regards to spending so he is to be trusted?

Mike Norman, internal City Auditor has not raised one question in regards to anything financial whatsoever to do with Abramson.

So in short we have the usual. Insiders playing the game for their benefit and nothing changes.

Tandy has not done anything preemptive to aid this City while a Council rep or Metro Council President nor will he do so. He is proving time and again he is a political hack in the mode of Abramson. Traughber proved it long ago.

IF either were concerned with ANY situation involving OUR taxpayer money there has been plenty of opportunity to get involved and demand accounting for our money months in advance of this fiasco. Instead Tandy has even publicly stated that the Cordish deal is good for Louisville then went along with the Abramson game giving them money.

Only now after he is being mentioned as Abramson's replacement does he jump on board the bandwagon of accountability. And remember I am the one who exposed the rumor of Abramson resigning for Lt. Governor and Tandy his named replacement.

This should be an automatic red flag showing his true colors. Tandy is in it for himself not the people. This is the predominant trait of so many elected entrenched leaders today it is sickening.

Throw them all out with one or two exceptions. The next Mayor that gets elected should be willing to accept a 2 term limit, this should include any Metro Council person, transparency, and a forfeiture of the almighty power that this current government gives the Mayor. The power should be shared so that we get accountability of the Metro Council as well.

The system as set up makes it too easy for the wannabe Mayor potentials to lay the blame elsewhere, though Tandy would never do that to Jerry, and accept no responsibility whatsoever for the actions in anything. In short it seems in the accountability department the Council has very little.

Of course the spin machine of Abramson does not hold him accountable either.

Which of course is why Abramson has continued to get his way. You either play his way or he cuts you off so you play his way or suffer politically from it. When you suffer politically from it then you have no ego boost in your community, you cannot gain favors by giving jobs to your friends, and cannot be the end all be all in your own mind that many thrive on.

In short it sure would hurt the ego trip wouldn't it.

Do not be fooled by this ever transparent attempt by Tandy, Traughber, or Norman on behalf of Jerry to gain "accountability" in taxpayer spending with Cordish.

With these guys no such thing exists.

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