Thursday, July 16, 2009


Unfortunately Rand Paul could not spend the whole hour with us because of campaign commitments. We did however have him on for the first half hour. We will be rescheduling Dr. Paul at a time that will work for him. Dr. Paul proved to be an open honest guest. Whether you would agree with issues or not he certainly has earned the respect of me for his honesty.

In the meantime the second half of the show focused on Ed and I doing our usual bouncing back and forth.

And yes I addressed the issue of being labeled a perennial candidate and the Abramson "racist" remark.

Check it out.


  1. Ed -

    It seems that those who help you aren't getting any respect from you.

    You AGREED to acknowledge those who GAVE you on a silver platter the MAYORAL "Poorer, Blacker, Older" story.

    Yet on your radio show you never once mentioned those who gave you the BIGGEST STORY of your career!

    No it was not a "lapse of memory."
    No it was not a lack of time.
    Yours was a conscious and deliberate unwillingness to acknowledge those who have helped you immensely over the last 2 years.

    You SAID you would acknowlwdge.
    The REALITY is that you did not honor your word.

  2. The ones who gave me a LINK to the audio were with STOP I.T. and the independent tipline I supported. At the time they sent me a link I asked if they wanted credit for the link and was told no they did not want to assume the responsibility.

    Fair enough. There were no snippets sent I was just asked to listen to the audio which I did. I found that comment and believed it relevant to the arguments presented in 2006 while I was a candidate.

    Prior to the radio show yesterday we had to make some last minute changes as Rand Paul was unable to be on air for the whole hour.

    The first half was Rand's the second half was ours. In my haste to adjust, which is new for me on the radio, I addressed the issue of the comments since I AM THE ONE who is receiving the backlash for it to set the record straight on the issue. I forgot to mention STOP I.T. and the independent tipline.

    Of course I promote the tipline on this site and generally mention it on the show.


    My integrity and word are never broken. I find it insulting to see someone who hides in the shadows questioning the integrity of someone who never has.

    For the record the "biggest" story to date on this website, or my supposed career, is the whole King fiasco. That one has a life of its own this one is a blip on the daily radar.

    Thanks for the comments as usual.

  3. Forgot to mention the request to NOW take credit, after I got the attention of the media and the response has been so positive, was made on Wednesday after insuring there would be no backlash for the individuals who provided the "link" to the story involved, was why this is an issue in the first place.

    With credit comes responsibility. If anyone wants credit for a link to a story I always allow it. In fact it is the first thing I do. I would never take credit for someone else's work.

    In short when you make a decision or request of me and I follow it it is not factual to come back and change your mind and blame me for an integrity problem.

    Take credit but take responsibility for it.

    I always take responsibility for my works and actions.

  4. For the Record, Ed ...

    You RECEIVED the ENTIRE audio file (not just a link!) at 2:59 AM on July 11, 2009 from a member of the STOP I.T. group. (I have the electronic receipt.)

    Your 1st article about this matter was not published on this blog until 4:48 AM on July 11, 2009.

    Your claim of ONLY receiving a link is simply not factual.

    Lastly, an ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of something is not the same thing as taking credit for something.

    You can rightfully take credit for breaking the story.

    But you regularly complain about others in the media that fail to acknowledge your work when they take your reporting and use it without acknowledging that it came from you.

    Yet, you did the very same thing to STOP I.T.!

    How can you expect others to live by one standard while you use a different standard?

    Good researchers (who do not send you a bill!) are hard to find.

  5. Again Paul Holliger continue with your deception and half truths. I acknowledged the lead came from STOP I.T., though not on the radio show,and furthermore I lent my name to your group of 2 people to give you some credibility, and will not bother with anymore of this garbage.

    Continue ranting under the myriad of fake names you use or start a new fake mimic website like you are prone to do.

    I truly do not care. But suffice it to say there will be no more support from any who have worked with you previously. Certainly not me. The lies, deception, and secrecy you like to play for your own ego are over for myself and most of whom I spoke with today.

    Many are finally starting to see your personal agenda which does not coincide with others.

    Simply my agenda as the others I work with has always been to make Louisville and the South End better. Yours is not that same intent.

    I posted your comment in the first place because I promised readers at the very beginning of this website I would post ALL comments to this blog unless it involved language or personal attacks against responders.

    Once again, I fulfilled my word. Now quit hiding behind a keyboard and if you want credit for something man up and take the responsibility.

    Quit trying to use people for your own ego. You will not have any other comments published in regards to this situation on this website.

    So go call Redding or whoever else you think "owes" you something, or continue playing the secrecy game with fake names and websites.

    I look forward to seeing the website you usually create for enemies myself. I look forward to setting the record straight in all dealings with you or your so called network.

    Dig out the folder you always say you have on people and start trying to use it against me through any avenue you want. It is becoming increasingly obvious why every neighborhood group you have been involved in has went out of business or in a new direction.

    Sigh. Oh yeah, Thanks for the comments.


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