Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Chris Thieneman made his official announcement as to his intent to run for Louisville Metro Mayor 2010. The announcement was made at Ernesto's on Dixie Hwy to a crowd of at least 60 or better by my estimation.

It has not been a secret that I will support Chris for Louisville Metro Mayor as I have stood side by side with, and worked with Chris, on several issues over the last few years. Hell I issued the press release myself for today's announcement. I will forego a run for Mayor this year because I have that much faith in Chris.

Chris mentioned a few things from his platform tonight in the announcement some of which are: openness and transparency in Metro Government, Planning and Zoing overhaul, the Cordish fiasco, the economic crisis with unemployment being at 9.7%, he stated one plan was to immediately call for an open audit of Metro government that would clearly identify exactly how bad our fiscal situation is within 60 days.

He pointed out the shortcomings of Abramson and the Democratic stranglehold on the community in lieu of the poor responses to recent emergency situations like the ice storm, and recent flooding.

He pointed out the housing authroity and the sham we have endured.

Chris was instrumental in making Senate Bill 80, commonly known as the transparency bill, a reality in Frankfort. He fought against the library tax spending his own money to defeat it while Abramson was using ours to try and get it passed. Chris won. He was successful yet again in forcing the Southfields police training facility to be rebid thus gaining more money for the City.

He asked why this Mayor cannot work with our first responders, police, fire, and ems instead of working against them. A question I agree with. He promised that would change.

Chris is definitely in it to win it and this will be an interesting republican primary.

Why will it be interesting?

Enter Hal Heiner.

I spoke with Hal Heiner today about his intent to run, slated to be announced September 15, and wanted his reaction to the Chris Thieneman announcement.

Councilman Heiner was very gracious as expected. He stated that Chris was a friend of his. Chris says the same of Hal. Both welcomed the other into the race and both have promised one thing.

This will be a clean and fair election where issues will take prominence. Though both agree on many of the issues each have differing ideas on how to fix them and that is where we the people will benefit.

Hal is as thoughtful as they come. He has a great reputation. Chris is the same. Both are successful businessmen. Both sincerely love Louisville. Both Chris and Hal are intent on running a clean campaign focusing on the issues.

Both Chris and Hal have told me that they want the people to see the difference in how they will fix the problems and each will be happy no matter which way the vote goes. Both Chris and Hal are supportive of each other. Both are very sincere in avoiding the mudslinging that has become so typical in elections today.

Call me naive if you want but with these two guys I believe they will stick to it.

I often say people will only give you what you are willing to accept.

In short. The lower our expectations the lower the standard.

I believe this Republican primary race for Mayor will finally accomplish one thing.

Raising our expectations in what we will accept from candidates in future elections.

Good luck to both.


  1. He asked why this Mayor cannot work with our first responders, police, fire, and ems instead of working against them.

    The first reason not to vote for him.

  2. I see why not vote for him if he's going to try to make positive changes from our current Mayor and the business as usual crowd. This city needs positive change instead of cheerleading from the usual suspects. Actual results instead of a lack of results. These people need to be sent out of town packing so that the people here can regain their standard of living and improve their lives instead of toiling away in an economically depressed city ruled by a few people.

    Jerry Abramson cannot work with anyone that isn't involved in his clique or under this thumb. He has complex of arrogance and being power hungry. Two of the council members running under the Democratic Ticket are just as bad and both of them need to sent packing. This city needs a real leader instead of a political dynasty of the Abramson and Kings. Maybe they all have a King Sized complex that makes them want to run and dictate to others.

    I was talking to a fine young lady who was an EMS worker for my accident and lets just say that she see the lack of attention given to the local ground troops doing the day to day work. So its not just a few people that see this problem but every day Louisville residents.

  3. Chris is my distant cousin I will be working his campaign GOOOO CHRIS


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