Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Representative Larry Clark received a letter from Teamster's local 89 President Fred Zuckerman blasting Clark for his obvious lies and deception. It seems Clark is telling everyone that the Teamster's intentionally put up Republican candidate Brian Simpson to run against him for his Senate seat and he isn't happy about it. Clark is continuing this even AFTER Zuckerman phoned him and assured him it was not true. Typical Larry Clark.

Of course the Teamster's and most unions typically back the Democratic candidate but hey do not let that influence Clark who would rather whine and manipulate events for himself. The poor Larry Clark "they are out to get me defense." Pathetic as usual from this moron.

Let's look at the facts in the case.

Brian Simpson IS a Teamster who works at UPS. He did what all candidates do and contacted the unions, including the Teamster's, to let them know he is in the race and is seeking their endorsement. Assumedly because Brian Simpson works for UPS and is a teamster member Clark feels he can try to denigrate the union and Simpson by claiming some nonexistent deal was in place.

That is typical of Larry Clark. He does what he wants, when he wants, regardless of his constituents or what is best for the Commonwealth, and then cries foul when he is outed.

Check this letter out. My apologies in advance for adding it in a "movie" format. I am having trouble loading pdf on the site today but felt this needed to be seen instead of waiting.

Interesting how Larry Clark has continued to let labor down at every turn, voted for tax hikes, stood AGAINST Charitable Gaming, and believes the world is out to get him.

Larry the world should be out to get you. When you do idiotic stuff like this for your own gain and power trip guess what? There are repercussions. Hats off to Teamster President Fred Zuckerman for allowing us a glimpse of what idiots like Clark normally do. You only do what is best for Larry and you were elected to do what is best for us. If you are part of the problem then you are not part of the solution.

Larry Clark is a big part of the problem. Always has been. Always will be.

Pay attention to the last sentence of the first paragraph where Larry demands a letter of endorsement to "fix" this situation. A situation created in his mind as usual. What needs to be fixed?

Larry Clark needs to be fixed. Larry created this nightmare intentionally and now thinks he can use it to gain a forced endorsement. Who the hell is he to try and force an endorsement by spreading lies and manipulation. Endorsements are, in most cases, earned. Clark runs around spreading lies about a union he wants an endorsement from then has the audacity to try to demand one to fix the problem? What did he think was going to happen? So much for Clark taking responsibility.

Blaming others for his faults as usual.

Rumors have abounded for a long time now essentially challenging Larry Clark's mental state. I am no Doctor but based on the evidence one does have to wonder what the hell he is thinking most of the time.

Bottom line Clark needs to go. He is representative of all that is wrong with Kentucky politics and why we cannot get ahead.

Brian Simpson is a down to earth hard working blue collar union man. Is he the one to begin the process of ridding ourselves of the stranglehold the power hungry ego driven idiots like Clark have that are destroying Kentucky?

One can only hope......


  1. I don't think Larry is that stupid. Not at all. Larry is fairly sharp when is comes to backroom wheeling and dealing. But, on the otherhand, Larry Clark is that arrogant. Don't forget that his half brother, Danny Ross, is a former Teamster and has been used for years as the muscle between the Democratic Party and Labor.

    When I ran for Metro Council way back when, I had union support across the board. Ross, on behalf of Clark and Paul Patton, went to every union leader and demanded they withdraw their support of my campaign "or else". Only Fred Zuckerman of Teamsters 89 had the guts to say no and stand by his promise.

    It looks like Fred is again doing what union leaders should be doing---standing up for their membership. Thank you Fred.

    Paul Hosse
    Another Opinion

  2. Agreed, the union leadership in Louisville is lacking in looking out for their constituents. As a former member of the International Association of Machinists and the Sheet Metal Workers local here, I can say that they are doing little to help the working man. I've never been against unions and in fact I've tried to start a couple of unions at various places where I worked. But the union leadership doesn't take enough of an interest in the rank and file workers that are paying the dues and keeping things afloat.

    I came from a parentage of having a dad lose a job because of his union orientation and trying to start a union at a sweatshop. But one thing I will say is that the current union leadership needs to be replaced. I have issues with paying 47 dollars a month but not getting representation. That's not an attack on unions but it shows that our locals aren't standing up for the working man. When a apprenticeship program pays so little you can barely pay your bills, something is seriously wrong in a couple of these unions. In fact, its just about as bad as non union pay scales in this city.


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