Friday, September 11, 2009


This will be a busy day for me but some things just can't wait so here you go.

Conway's office makes threats: I checked out the latest over at pageonekentucky and came across this link. Read it. Conway's office really does have problems. A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing - Salem-News.Com. You can read more about Conway here Louisville News and Politics: JACK CONWAY: YES I AM PART OF THE MACHINE SO WHAT?

Councilman Hal Heiner is in: According to multiple inside sources yes indeed Councilman Hal Heiner is definite and will make his announcement to run for Mayor on Tuesday. Should be a great Republican primary as Hal Heiner and Chris Thieneman have both said issues would be relevant not mudslinging.

Councilman Heiner will be the guest next Thursday, September 17 on the MyViewMatters Radio Show at 7 pm on WKJK 1080- AM. Listen in it should be a great show.

Oh yeah Jim Ellis is expected to say he is in too.

SAY WHAT: By now everyone knows about Larry Clark using lies and deception, as he commonly does, and then demanding an endorsement from the Teamsters to make him feel better from his own lies. What an idiot. Read more here Louisville News and Politics: LARRY CLARK VS THE TEAMSTERS: IS CLARK THAT STUPID?

Abramson spins it again: WHAS 11 had Jerry Abramson on yesterday and of course he essentially blamed the Metro Council for the fiasco's with Cordish etc because they approved the funding. Saying how we needed the "strong arm" Mayoral government set up and then blaming the Council for the mess he created.

Blaming the Council was just yet another sign of the problems this Mayor has created. Psst Jerry perhaps there should have been communication? Check out the WHAS video here WHAS11 Video - Video On Demand News for Louisville, Kentucky

State House: Rumor has it that State Rep Charlie Miller will have competition in his race. Seems like everyone is upset at the prospect of this guy running unopposed. Me included. Stay tuned for more in the next couple of weeks....

Day of Remembrance: Today is September 11 and will always remain in our memories as the day America came under attack. It will go down in history as the worst attack ever on American soil and should be a reminder of just how precious our freedoms we take for granted everyday really are.

The thousands of lives lost, our American way of life threatened, and in many ways changed forever by outside foes. The lives of our brave women and men in the military sacrificed then and now to preserve our freedom. We came to realize that day that yes indeed we in America are vulnerable to the same insanity by terrorists that threaten and destroy the way of lives for so many around the world.

The one thing positive, if there is one, that came from this unprecedented attack was that we remembered right after 9/11 that the American people will always rise and stand together against a common enemy. Our neighbors we knew not prior to this tragedy then became our friends. We reached out to one another like we have not done in years either for comfort, support, or just because we now realized this fragile thing called life we have been given can be taken away without warning.

I say this to each of you.

Never forget.

Never forget that feeling you had when you witnessed the attack.

Never forget the way you reached out to those around you and did not see a stranger but saw someone in need opting instead to call them friend and offering to help in any way possible.

Never forget those before us, and since, who gave their lives and give their lives freely to protect the freedoms and liberties we enjoy today. Though our differences may be many our way of life is the same.

Never forget to thank a soldier and pray for their safety while they are protecting you and your family. Most of us are strangers to them but they sacrifice themselves willingly without the griping, moaning, or groaning so prevalent in so many trivial things around us. They do it so we don't have to.

Finally, never forget that this great land called America is the greatest place on the planet earth.

Though our differences sometimes seem to be overwhelm us they are what makes us great. Working through them is the lost art that we must learn to get back to.

Our forefathers knew that and today in remembrance of the tragic event that made us realize we are vulnerable I ask that each of you remember to put your differences aside and reach out to one another once again.

For each man and woman in the military my sincerest thanks and prayers go out to you all. As a Vet myself I feel your pain and know the sacrifices you endure. For your families my prayers go to them as well. Their sacrifices mirror yours.

God Bless each and every one of you and God Bless America.

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