Monday, September 14, 2009


I spoke with Hal Heiner this morning to confirm what everyone already knew. Yes Hal Heiner will be running for Louisville Metro Mayor and will announce Tuesday morning at 10 am at Tumbleweed by the river.

The other Republican in the primary as announced so far, (Attorney Jim Ellis is expected to make an announcement soon as well), is local businessman Chris Thieneman as covered on this website.

Hal and Chris have both promised to stick with the issues and forego the normal mudslinging that so often occurs and discounts each of us in every election. I have already stated that I believe both will set a new standard of accountability in our candidates and I still believe that.

Hal will be the guest on the MyViewMatters radio show this Thursday at 7 pm on WKJK 1080 AM with yours truly. Make plans to listen in and see where Hal stands on the issues.

In the meantime Republican Kaven Rumpel has already announced he will step in and run for Hal's Metro Council seat when Hal makes his official announcement tomorrow.

This makes Rumpel the first official Republican candidate for Hal's Metro Council seat in a District that typically votes Republican.

Rumors of Jerry Miller stepping up and running should be squelched by now as Miller accepted the local GOP Chair seat vacated by Brad Cummings. Miller cannot do both without serious conflict of interest and assumedly he thought about that before he took the Chair.

Stay tuned folks this is going to be good...........

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