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I apologize for not getting to this sooner but it has been an extremely busy couple of days with the Chris Thieneman for Mayor campaign I am part of and the Larry Clark debacle.

Jack Conway, as expected, sided with Abramson in his recent "opinion" concerning the Cordish Co expenditures and he also decided to go ahead and deal with the rent from slugger field funding the Downtown Development Corp (DDC). As reported back in December,, there are links to other articles contained in this one.

I requested an opinion from the AG on the legality of taking rent derived from Slugger Field and sending it to the DDC. Of course I was ignored yet a couple of days later the Metro Council requested the same thing. Here is a a copy of the opinion courtesy of

We waited for essentially nine months for the AG to make a decision. We also knew then what the decision would be.

Jerry is right everyone else is wrong. Thanks for all the support to my campaigns Mr. Mayor.

The decisions were so easy to forecast that it seems the AG's office spent most of that nine months trying to draft a letter of excuses why.

It is easy for Conway to send out press releases acting like he is going after prescription drug abuse like it is a new fresh idea by him. has he ever heard of Kasper? That is where that discussion started about 10 years ago though it was left to the wayside as well never fulfilling the promise we hoped it would be.

They needed the extra time to figure out how to help Abramson get by with it. You know the machine must prevail at all costs regardless of we the people right? Especially when Conway wants the support for his Senate run and has to back Abramson for Lt Gov to get it.


AG Conway has proven to be just another political hack who refuses to do the right thing or do the will of the people. He has proven he will not take on the difficult tasks of his office by standing against corruption and investigating real crime choosing instead to make it a political office for his gain. Greg Stumbo anyone? In my opinion anyway. I voted for him because I thought he had integrity. Yep I was fooled but never again by him.

Check out this video: YouTube - Jack Conway Democratic Primary Candidate For US Senate In Kentucky, A James Pence Video

Conway talks about conscience in politics, he talks about how the tired old game is over. Sadly, great rhetoric but rhetoric he is part of not against. In the video he speaks of Crit LuAllen like he has the integrity she does. Jack you do not even come close.

Why would anyone be surprised by this so called opinion?

The Democratic machine has ruled this Commonwealth and City for so many years they all think they are above us in governing. The fiasco with Jim King, David Tandy, and the entire Metro Council who has stood beside Abramson through thick and thin thinking that as long as they did so they would be rewarded is the same mentality that has run Kentucky into the ground.

Kudos to Kelly Downard and Hal Heiner for asking the questions but where has the Council been in making or forcing the necessary changes to fix this? A Democrat majority has followed Abramson blindly for their gain not ours.

Jack Conway is part of that group. He has refused in my opinion to do anything that would anger the power elite of the party by actually doing his job. He will not aggressively pursue any investigations into the party powers that be for fear of himself losing out.

That is unacceptable at any level.

Watch over the next few months and see how quick some Metro Council members "see the light" and start acting like they are really concerned with our problems and our government. Think we have seen rats deserting the ship so far? We have not seen nothing yet folks.

Kudos to Jake Payne, who I disagree with on many issues and have went back and forth on many things like Jim King and David Tandy, for calling Conway out on several occasions thus proving I guess that even I can make a mistake in judgement. I respect Jake for his work though I do not always agree with him.

But I can admit mistakes and I can accept responsibility for them. Conway needs to wake up and realize that the days of the good ole boy system are closing faster than he can blink and he better get off the bandwagon and start earning his keep.

I have been told Jack is receiving paperwork this week in regards to yet another investigation he is going to be tasked with following through on. It is one he will not like and I already know what will be done.

Absolutely nothing. More on that later.

AG Conway I have this advice for you. Either be the real leader we elected or get the hell out of the way.

When you are basically the top cop in the State and refuse to do your job because of politics then you are worthless to us. You send the message loud and clear that Justice can be bought by who you know. That undermines the purpose of law does it not?

We the People are fed up and are taking notice, as well as, giving notice that we will no longer be forgotten.

Take a look around you. You want to be a Senator then straighten up. You have opponents in this race that are taking notice. Check out Rand Paul or Trey Grayson. Hell even Mongiardo, who I think is a whack job in his own right, comes off as having more integrity right now than you do.

The days of doing as you are told by the machine elite are over.

It is time you start doing the job we the people tell you to do.

You know the one you were elected to do.

Look in the mirror and take notice. Are you proud of yourself and the job you are doing?

If so it is time to get you out of office. If not then change the way you do business and do it right.

After all you want our vote? Then earn it.

Just saying.........


  1. Its great that people are beginning to see what the current establishment in this state consists of. Jack Conway is an practicing obfuscation which shows that he is in the hip pocket of the local Democratic establishment. I've been an economic Democrat for much of life although I have a libertarian bent on most other issues. The current bunch of scoundrels at Democratic headquarters and running things downtown need to go and we need to force them out.

    The best way to do this is to vote them out and let everyone know what scoundrels they are. Your blog as well as other blogs and comment pages are waking up the people. We hopefully are seeing who is trying to deceive us. The same goes for David Tandy and Jim King who have repeatedly went against government transparency including SB 80 in Tandy's case. Tandy needs to drop out of the race and give up his council seat because he has poor judgment and has been lacking in true leadership.

    Conway has been covering up for these people most of his political career. Not a good thing when the Tough SOB of a attorney general covers up for people that obviously have no interest in working for the people. Rather they as Conway has done, work for themselves at the detriment of the taxpayer. Scoundrels one and all.

    As for the Mayor, he needs to be sent packing as well and that includes him losing the election with Governor Beshear. What we are seeing is the debased political system as it is that these people have consistently lied to us to covered up their own actions.

    Personally, I believe that it is time for a vast amount of lawsuits to be filed against these individuals when people can determine with their own good judgment and proper legal counsel that these people are breaking laws of our Commonwealth. People like Jack Conway are hired by the taxpayers to know the law and follow the law and not bend it for their own political purposes.

    How can you have a TOUGH SOB for attorney general that won't investigate his political brokers and other miscreants and expect him to be tough on prescription drugs. I'm trying to find the logic of those ideas. How can you trust someone that won't do the right thing in bringing action against his own party and their political bedfellows yet talk about being so tough when it comes to prescription drugs.

    It sounds to me like it is all talk from the Attorney General. Its obvious that he isn't interested in truth, justice, or the American way. Kudos to those around Louisville and environs that are now seeing this and working to put the brakes on this group of people who have been robbing the taxpayer blind.

  2. Many of us have been trying to open eyes for years. It is great to see the general public is finally fed up enough to get involved and change our course.

    Thanks so much for the comments.


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