Friday, October 23, 2009


You know so many have been covering the stories of Metro Animal Services and Gilles Melloche it really has not been something I felt needed addressed. Until now.

What will it take for the idiots Abramson, and his pet Deputy Mayor Bill Summers, to step up and fire this idiot. How much more does one have to do to justify their non existence on OUR payroll?

Take this story by Andy Alcock last night on WLKY: Vet Claims Harassment By Animal Services Director - Louisville News Story - WLKY Louisville (you can click the video on the top right).

Gilles Melloche has to be the most incompetent, or ego driven person I have seen yet. Well almost seen yet anyway. He has been found guilty of sexual harassment, faces even more allegations by others within the department of sexual harassment, and this is above and beyond the incompetent way he runs the agency.

How many animals died because he did not have an emergency plan available during the flood? Allegations of illegally giving meds to an adopt a pet center. Selling cats to people without letting them know they were sick? FAILING to honor a contract with a veterinarian that was signed by himself and Deputy Mayor Bill Summers.

Why does Bill Summers have a role in this? Simple he signed the employment contract and did nothing to ensure that it was being followed either. Essentially he did not do his job as well.

So many wonder why we in Louisville are looked at like quacks around the Country?

Look no further than the idiots Abramson has on the payroll appointed by him.

To say this makes us even more of a laughingstock to outsiders would be an understatement. Why has no one forced this guy out.

the list of atrocities by Melloche within the MAS and the idiocy by Summers and Abramson, who allow this to continue, should be a wake up call to us all.

Stand up and be heard! Tell these idiots that NO MORE will we accept this kind of behavior form someone WE PAY!

Melloche be a man for once in your miserable life and resign. Do us all a favor. I would suggest the same to Abramson and Summers but we know how shallow that manhood is. Accepting responsibility for failure is something they just have not shown they can do.

Your thoughts?

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