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As many of you know I am the one who began the King investigation over a year ago. Initially I was intrigued by how much money Katie King received and where the source of the funding came from so I started searching. It started out as seeking an answer to one basic question.

Did Katie King buy the Judgeship illegally?

Of course based on the evidence I uncovered I believed so then, as I do now, which is why that part of the case continues today.

With that said I was amazed at how much more information on the King's started pouring in to me. It seemed as though everyone was waiting for someone to have the guts to challenge the King's. People from everywhere ex-employees, current employees, people who have had first hand dealings with Jim King all stepped forward, asking for anonymity of course, with stories of malfeasance and power and egos run amok.

When one person tells you a story then you take it with a grain of salt. When multiple people tell you the same stories you start wondering if they are true.

Today's CJ article by Joe Gerth is one of those truths. King, former wife move to seal divorce cases The Courier-Journal. Quoting from the article:

"According to the 1981 case file, Rebecca King, who is now 55, filed for divorce on March 11 of that year, claiming that a week earlier her husband had burst through a locked bathroom door while she was bathing and threatened her.

“You make me sick, I can't stand to look at you and I would like to knock the hell out of you between the eyes,” he allegedly told his wife, according to a request for a restraining order.
The document claims he then followed her around the couple's house and wouldn't allow her to sleep, ripping bedcovers away from her. It claimed he pulled her away as she tried to enter the bedroom of two of their children and refused to allow her to call for help.

In the days after that incident, the pleading claims that Jim King, who was 29 at the time, continued “harassment, intimidation and demeaning language” that caused her to become “emotionally upset” and to lose 8 to 10 pounds in a week's time.
The day after filing for divorce, Rebecca King claimed, her husband twisted her hand and choked her after he caught her taking $20 from his wallet to pay for shoes for their youngest daughter. According to the court file, she reported her husband's actions to Louisville police “because she was fearful for her physical safety.”"

Of course perhaps now we can see why Katie is just as bad as Jim. Katie you may recall had 911 calls placed against her for trying to beat in an ex boyfriend's door and also had marijuana found at her home that an ex took responsibility for.

The apple does not fall far from the tree it would seem.

Abusing someone is a method of control. Period. It is a method of exercising power over someone else. It is a symptom of a much larger problem. And in the case of King those problems persist even today.

Here is what wikipedia has to say: Psychological abuse, emotional or psychological coercion used to compel another to do something they do not want to do, Physical abuse, infliction of pain or use of violence against another

You see the case of spousal abuse happened in 1981 and the divorce followed in 1988. Charges of emotional and physical abuse by King's ex wife have been known about for years. In fact about 9 months ago I decided to try and pull the case up myself to verify. Interestingly enough it had disappeared from local archives. Almost 10 days ago I tried again and finally requested a copy from Frankfort.

Kudos must go to Joe Gerth though for being a couple days quicker than I on the last request.

Some people continue believing that this is no big deal since it occurred so long ago. There is one problem with that argument.

There have been several reports of sexual harassment in the workplace at King Southern Bank with one report even going so far as stating that King was having sex with a subordinate on his desk in his work office. With more than one person stating this then based on history it does lead one to believe it is possibly true.

Why would any of this be relevant you ask?

Simply this.

So called men who abuse women are not men. Period. In my eyes anyway.

When the behavior continues such as sexually harassing women in the workplace and having out of court settlements to hide the action then this is repeated illegal behavior. This rumored behavior is alarming.

To try to allow the excuse that it was over 20 years ago is one thing but the continued behavior is the problem. This shows a pattern of behavior that is detrimental in leadership. It shows a pattern of behavior that puts women in an inferior classification and shows little regard for both women and the law.

This also clearly shows a willingness to ignore the law as has been done in the case of illegally funding Katie's campaign as well. Once again a pattern of behavior.

Abuse is something we cannot tolerate at any level from a leader. The fact that this is a pattern with King based on reports is a major red flag.

This is not what we need in leadership.

This is just the latest public problem with the Jim King express. He has shown over time that he is one who lusts for power and has little regard for people or the law in his quest for such.

This is why he cannot be Mayor.

Your thoughts?

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