Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Metro Animal Services Director Gilles Meloche has resigned effective December 31, 2009. It is being reported that Assistant Director Wayne Zelinsky has been named Interim Director.

Great news for all of us but I would like 2 things.

First, LEAVE NOW! Why wait? Meloche is a criminal and an embarrassment to us all why let him stay longer if we have already named an interim director.

Second PROSECUTE HIM! Prosecute his sorry butt for animal abuse and everything else you can find. This guy deserves no pity nor any mercy for anything he has done while Director.

And please do not forget who gave him the job either. eh Jerry Abramson?

Good riddance of garbage.

Just added: I just read Rick Redding's article on Gilles Meloche. You can view it here:


Meloche, as you know, Is the Director of Metro Animal Services (MAS) and has been a problem for years. What is fascinating is how Jerry Abramson touts the great things Meloche has done.

From Jerry: “For more than four years, Dr. Meloche has been a strong change agent who has helped professionalize our animal services operation and significantly increase the percentage of adopted animals,” said Mayor Jerry Abramson. “I appreciate his dedication and service to our community, and I wish him much success.”

How can this idiot Abramson think he has any credibility whatsoever when he continues to live in denial of HIS failures?

Meloche has been an embarrassment to our community for years. He has been found guilty of sexual harassment, with more current charges pending, animal abuse and neglect, killing cats with a needle straight to the heart without anesthesia, selling steroids without a license, and the list goes on and on.

Jake Payne has some great info on this train wreck as well: Gilles Meloche & the Metro Animal Services Mess

Meloche is a failure as a human being in my opinion and so is Abramson who hired him and defended him to date and now tries to act like this moron was an altar boy in his job.

Meloche is gone, others will follow as these idiots hired and appointed by Abramson continue getting exposed now that Abramson has announced he is leaving the cover is off.

Abramson needs to go as well. Anyone who would continually allow this atrocity is not much of a man either in my opinion. If this idiot can screw up Louisville as bad as he has do we really need him in Frankfort?

No way. Remember to help get rid of Abramson when you vote on Gov/Lt Gov next election

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