Monday, October 26, 2009


Beginning November 5 the MyViewMatters Radio Show co-owned by myself and Ed Martin will now be simulcast on the net!

A deal was made today with Kentucky Grassroots radio at to simulcast our weekly MyViewMatters radio Show Thursdays on WKJK 1080 AM at 7 pm. The deal allows us to not only reach the 73,000 listeners of WKJK we have access to each week but gives us access to everyone across the Commonwealth as well.

The new deal will allow us to reach a larger audience and really hammer on issues across the scale. Local, State, and National will now have no boundaries.

Advertisers: Now is the time to get advertising on the radio show! Great rates are available and we have web only options as well. Local, State, or National now is the time to take advantage of our introductory rates and find out just how affordable radio advertising is.

Contact us at the below info! We can accommodate your needs and show you how easy and affordable it is to advertise your business!

We look forward to welcoming our new listeners, as well as, our loyal listeners each and every week.

Show ideas: Have a topic that interests you? Have a guest you want to request for the show?

Contact us at the info below!

The MyViewMatters Radio Show is here for you!

Thanks for listening and stay tuned!

Contact info:

Ed Springston

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