Thursday, October 1, 2009


US Census Bureau 2008 Poverty Ratings for Kentucky.
See the Lexington Herald Leader website
Our ranking is now 17.3 percent. What is most devastating about this statistic is that it is up from 15.4 percent in 2001. Over the past 7 years, 2 percent of Kentucky’s total population have fallen into poverty, despair and hopelessness. How many people is that? 738,579 or approximately the number of people who live in Jefferson County.
This fact is inexcusable.
During those 8 years we have elected two new administrations, one Republican and one Democratic, yet the statistics are worsening by the day. This statistic is not the fault of the economic crisis gripping our country, but rather has increased exponentially since 2001 - long before the 2009 Recession.
Each of those individual politicians who have been repeatedly elected from both parties have failed the people of Kentucky. Now’s the Time to elect an Independent ticket, beholding only to the People of Kentucky. We are committed to making a difference and qualified to accomplish the task.
We are the only candidates who have NO AGENDA other than to serve fully the people of Kentucky and restore Kentucky to Prosperity. As your Governor and Lieutenant Governor, Gatewood and I, can and will affect true change. I suggest you and everyone else you can influence become active in our campaign and put us to work defeating this travesty.
This is a direct result of corrupt malfeasance, the way it has been and the way it will continue to be unless the people of Kentucky determine to VOTE OUT the PROBLEM. How can those elected officials stand by and watch the people of Kentucky go hungry while they spend 2.4 million dollars on travel expenses.
The PEOPLE of Kentucky have only one choice – Gatewood Riley 2011. - Dea Riley

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  1. More than ever we need Gatewood


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