Saturday, October 3, 2009


I admit I was surprised when I received a phone call from Andy Aalcock at WLKY telling me that AG Jack Conway had indeed appointed a Special prosecutor to investigate the charges against the King's I have been working on for over a year.

I was surprised because the AG was asked over a month ago and most recently stated he would make a decision after the KREF made their ruling. In short I figured he would hide behind the faulty ruling of the KREF who incidentally did not address all the issues in the complaint so there will be more to follow charges brought.

I have been critical of Jack Conway in regards to this case for many reasons. He stated at Fancy Farm he is "one tough sonofabitch" and yet considering his own brother was a one time treasurer of the Katie King campaign he did not decide what to do until a month after the fact.

So yep I was surprised and admit even I underestimated Jack Conway to date. He may have made me reconsider my decision to vote against him. We sill see about that once this case is investigated.

The WLKY story is below. Andy Aalcock is the only reporter who has stayed with this case since the beginning all the way from May of 2008 and deserves credit for staying with an ongoing investigative story like this one. It is rare that anyone stays on a story anymore and Andy has proven himself to be a very credible reporter. I haven't always agreed with the story in every way but he has done a good job of laying out both sides.

Additionally the Courier Journal had this story: Special prosecutor named to study King complaint The Courier-Journal

There are many other charges to be brought and will be brought over the coming weeks. There will be a complaint lodged with the Kentucky Bar in regards to Sheryl Snyder, Amy Cubbage, and Frost, Brown, and Todd for starters. Additionally, there were several issues the registry just did not address in my complaint and those will be recharged as well on appeal.

I will also be sending the KREF a statement asking for the maximum fine of $65,000 total for the King's AND having a signed admission of guilt. No I will not hold my breath waiting for it I assure you.

The investigation into the special prosecutor has already begun to insure that this is not a political appointment.

I promised going into this we would have fairness and accountability. I will not falter in my commitment.

Stay tuned.................

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