Thursday, December 17, 2009


ABRAMSON IN TROUBLE AGAIN: You know like him, love him, or hate him (and occasionally all 3 when it comes to Jake Payne) you have to love the fact that he has enough time to dig into reports occasionally. This report released today is up on Long-Awaited Kentucky League of Cities Audit. (This is one reason why you should donate now to us :-))

Damning evidence to say the least. I love Crit!

The article is a long read so there is your warning, however, it is very informative. And to quote from the article:

You may be asking yourself, however, where Jerry Abramson is as a
member of the board. Well, folks, he also bears responsibility for Lovely’s behavior and his silence on the matter speaks wonders. Gotta ask yourself it that’s the kind of person you want leading this state as Lt. Governor.

For a list of everything Abramson is supposedly director of check this out:

Stay tuned this will get much worse.

MYVIEWMATTERS RADIO TONIGHT: Reportedly over 60% of registered voters, regardless of party affiliation, regard themselves as independent voters which makes tonight's show a must listen. The guest will be Michael Lewis, head of, who was very instrumental in the recent win of Jimmy Higdon over Jodie Haydon in the special election last week. Though he was majorly outspent by special interests groups on behalf of Haydon, Higdon pulled off the win thanks to those independent minded folks who threw themselves into the election.

Check it out tonight at 7 pm on WKJK 1080 am and as always simulcast on Ky Grassrooots Radio. Phone in during the show at (502)571-1080 with any questions or comments.

JIM KING (AGAIN): Don't worry I cannot believe he actually thinks he will get elected either but with that being said he has now decided he must start fixing crime not telling the world that of course he has always signed the budget Abramson gave him without ever trying to change things for police funding. Read more here:
Jim King campaigns for mayor on changing Louisville police department The Courier-Journal

And of course he got a labor endorsement from the millwrights/carpenters.
Louisville News and Politics: KING GETS ENDORSEMENT: CAN WE SAY HUH?

It keeps getting funnier. King is now spending his money trying to buy the West End vote and thinks having Mattie Jones beside him will help. Who is advising him he has bought everyone and that is the best they can do?

Sad to say the least. The guy, in my opinion is a criminal, and will make Abramson look like the altar boy he wants people to think he is if elected, but it is pathetic to see the implosion from this power hungry ego driven train wreck called King.

This will get worse after Christmas I assure you so stay tuned.......

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  1. Your doing a great job Ed. Keep up the good work. And if you need anything from me, just let me know. Dan Hoover


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