Tuesday, December 1, 2009


As many know IPL has been a thorn in the side of many throughout the community. Many refer to the department as a bunch of thugs and degenerates. Michael Baugh even says he is "God" when he shows up on your property and thinks he should be treated as such.

They even allowed MaDonna Flood's convicted felon husband to have a major role in the department until he finally had to resign. Of course he should be in jail again but they wouldn't allow that because of politics of course. The democratic machine at its finest on a local level but I digress.

This story just released by the CJ shows at least one IPL inspector is a degenerate. Fired code enforcement officer accused of exposing himself courier-journal.com The Courier-Journal

What kind of a moron has an ego that thinks he can get away with this behavior? This is just one more pathetic example of no leadership until now in this department. But Carl Leonard is not alone in this.

In fact Michael Baugh of IPL has had similar complaints made against him to me by people he has harassed. Of course unless they finally step up and put their name on the line and press charges he will continue to get away with it.

This is not the only incident in regards to IPL inspectors, and let me make sure I point out that ALL inspectors are not like this, but it is a growing concern. More than one inspector abuses his authority and demands favors in many ways in order to "pass" an inspection.

There are still several reports from many in the community, business and home owner's alike, that are targeted specifically to try to harass them into shutting up or doing the bidding of Abramson. Yep harass them into keeping their mouths shut about what they know.

Abuse by this Department has been allowed to continue, and even encouraged by some Metro Council members who abuse the process by using IPL as their own personal gestapo, eh Bob Henderson? I am curious to see now that Shreck is gone and Cash on his way out, ( a little birdie told me about some charges that will be made soon against him), if the new Director Jim Mims will really stop these atrocities against the citizens of our community against Abramson's wishes for IPL to become his new cash cow.

We will see.

In the meantime pay close attention to more charges coming down the pike and a slew of lawsuits thanks to the asinine way of Abramson allowing business to be done in this Department.

Oh yeah do not forget we foot the bill for the garbage Abramson dictates so any lawsuits will be paid by us.

Stay tuned there will be plenty more to follow on this Department in more issues to come......


  1. No one at IPL has ever met the new guy Mims. He hides in his office and seems afraid of everyone.

    IPL is a cesspool because of incompetent management. This guy Leonard was well known for his grossly unprofessional behavior and sexual talk and his supervisors will be held liable because they never addressed it.

  2. I agree that incopmpetent management is to blame for the problems. That has been ongoing for too many years to count. I had been hopeful that someone would be willing to do the job right with all the backlash that has been handed down over the last year.

    I guess I was wrong to think it may be Mim's. Ah well back to outing the fools I reckon.

    Thanks for the comments anonymous.

  3. Why no mention of the forced retirement (firing) of your buddy Ed? Hacking into email accounts is the rumor.

  4. I haven't been told anything about anyone named Ed being fired for hacking email accounts. Have info and a full name I will try to verify thanks for writing.

  5. The rumor is four people at planning and design were fired for "unauthorized file access" including a 30 year employee, anyone have more details?

  6. See: http://victoriagardenapartments.phanfare.com/


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