Tuesday, January 5, 2010


STUMBO REFILES SLOTS BILL: Of course Stumbo refiled the slots bill even admitting he doesn't expect it to pass. One question hey DUMBO why are you wasting our tax paid salary doing this then? And we wonder why nothing gets accomplished and we always need "special sessions." Stumbo to refile video lottery bill courier-journal.com The Courier-Journal

BESHEAR LET THE SPIN BEGIN: Steve Beshear of course plays the gee we will cut about $108 million but don't worry education and public safety will not be included. Um Steve, do you read your own literature? Of course education and public safety will be included by your own numbers. I wish I had the time Jake Payne does to read all this crap. Read more here
Beshear Screwing Education, Kids, Environment

TANDY THINKS HE CAN WIN: Yep David Tandy is awful proud of raising $85,000. He even tries to spin it like it is all grassroots. The problem is nobody and I mean NOBODY wants to give him a dime because they know he is a lackey and no leader. Case in point? Check out who his top two advisors are. They include disgraced and ousted ex Kentucky Democratic Chair Jennifer Moore. As a treasurer at that. Funnily enough she couldn't even take care of the books for the party. Should we even care?
Tandy Touts Fundraising « The Edit: WFPL's Gabe Bullard blogs the news

TEABAGGER MARILYN PARKER JUST SAYS NO: Marilyn Parker who has been on a crusade on behalf of the tea baggers has finally decided she is not going to run for the 3rd Congressional seat after all. Citing money problems and the need to pull her family closer to her since Obama is going to destroy us all she threw her support behind Larry Hausman. The real question is did anyone notice or care?

ROBERT FELNER TO PLEAD GUILTY: Robert Felner of U of L fame is supposed to plead guilty on Friday to a few charges against him. Gee wonder what kind of a plea he got. Felner is represented by none other than Scott Cox who appears to make a habit of representing guilty people by getting them plea deals. I think if I need a defense attorney I would pay someone to actually you know defend me.

Never the less Cox not only has represented Steve Henry, now represents Robert Felner, he also was recently hired to represent Jim King. Guess King might finally know he is guilty after all.

Hmm wonder if Cox has ever represented anyone innocent.

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