Tuesday, January 5, 2010


You know I find it fascinating that of all people I am on Jim King's email list. Yep believe it or not Rob Hotzman or Jim King think i should be included in all their mailings. They check my site daily so I guess they consider me a serious media type anyway. Funny would be an understatement.

With that said I did find it interesting to see the latest release on King's fundraising efforts.

According to the campaign email I received King raised raised over $760,000 in the 4th quarter for his race. This number alone would make many believe he is a strong fundraiser with loads of support right?


The real number of donations is actually about $30,000 from outside supporters. The rest came from where? Why Jim King himself. He loaned himself $760,000. At least this time it was legal since it was his own money and he gave it to himself.

The Courier Journal already did a report online here: Personal loan puts King in lead for fundraising courier-journal.com The Courier-Journal. You have to love this quote from the story:

From King himself, “I think I've proven that I'm the only candidate that has the resources and the organization to win.”

Gee think he may be full of himself on that one huh?

Basically he just said hey I bought one election now I'm gonna buy another. In my opinion anyway. The sad thing is I think he really believes it. King could only muster $30,000 from outside interests this quarter while Greg Fisher got $245,000 by comparison. Yep this could mean trouble for King.

He already has changed attorney's from Sheryl Snyder, publicly anyway, to Scott Cox a known criminal lawyer. Since Snyder lost, to a nobody like me no less, I guess he figures he better go with a lawyer who can deal. In fact Cox's main claim to fame apparently is that he is the guy who gets you a reduced sentence. Ask Steve Henry about the plea deal Cox negotiated for him. Ask Robert Felner about his deal after it gets announced on Friday.

I really do not know if King's campaign staff has any sense at all, or if he really is a loose cannon like everyone behind the scenes says, but one thing is for sure. He keeps compounding his mistakes with even more. And the mistakes get more brazen each and every time he does anything.

Folks pay attention. We do not need to see another election bought at our expense.

There will be more to come I am sure in the near future but I guess I should say thanks anyway to the Jim King campaign staff's Rob Hotzman for thinking I will in some incredulous way give them any relevance by including me in their mailers. lol.

See ya next time.


  1. Dedicated follower Ed... Go Chris

  2. I wonder when it will dawn on King at "Dollars don't vote, People do"? (and that bank employees don't equal supporters)

  3. I hear ya Steve but money usually speaks in old school politics so who knows. Hey a random thought here. Since the banks got bailout money and King is a banker are we funding his campaign?

    Don't freak folks I was kidding. :-)

    Thanks for the comments.

  4. WHAT?!?!
    “I think I've proven that I'm the only candidate that has the resources and the organization to win.”

    If I was his consultant, I'd advise him to alter his message to have a little more foreplay, and little less rape. This isn't a hostile takeover, dude. How about romancing your voters a bit? Take them out for a Coke and a movie?


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