Sunday, January 31, 2010


As many of you know Senate Candidate Rand Paul was in town yesterday at the Ky Fair and Expo Center. The rally was slated as a "Rally for the Republicans" and though I generally do not cow tow to party mantra as a fan of Rand and his dad U.S. House Rep Ron Paul I could not resist the urge to go.

I was not disappointed. If you have never had the chance to listen to Senator Ron Paul speak I urge you to do so. U.S. Rep Paul is about as great a spokesman for individual liberty as anyone I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. To listen to him describe what we can be and should be was to say the least inspiring.

They say the apple does not fall far from the tree and in the case of Rand Paul that saying appears to be true.

Though I have attended other Rand events where healthcare was the focus this event I was able to see a different Rand speaking about America and who we are. I was able to see a guy who truly does "get it" and I believe will work to fix the problems we have.

I was very disappointed by statements made in the CJ, Texas congressman Ron Paul visits Kentucky to raise money for son’s U.S. Senate bid The Courier-Journal, quoting Trey Grayson's campaign manager Nate Hodson:

“Maybe Ron Paul’s skills as a career politician will help his son Rand explain to Kentuckians how closing Guantanamo and releasing the prisoners will make us safer and how a pro-choice marijuana advocate will best represent Kentucky Republicans as their Senate nominee.”

“The truth is that Ron and Rand Paul are not conservatives on national security and social issues and are completely out of touch with Kentucky,”

Mr. Hodson apparently has very little to work with in Trey Grayson if this was all they came up with.

In fact Rand has never suggested releasing prisoners. What he has stated was that IF they are released they should be released in their own Country not on US soil. Why would anyone not agree with that?

Marijuana advocate? Sorry that does not pass the smell test either. Paul is in favor of allowing STATES RIGHTS on this issue. Which incidentally is in touch with most Kentuckians.

It would appear that Grayson is the one out of touch. A Micth McConnell follower who cannot think on his own or take a stand that isn't approved. This represents exactly what is wrong with career politicians.

In fact Grayson was invited to be on the MyViewMatters Radio Show, among others, and has never responded to the invites. Why is that? If you have a vision and a plan then certainly you would want to promote it to get elected would you not?

I was very impressed with both Rand and Ron Paul, and the turnout of about 800 people, by my estimation, but I was disappointed at some of the candidates for office who left immediately following the opening before either Rand or Ron Paul spoke.

When it was announced that due to the interests of time the candidates for other offices would not be able to be introduced as they had hoped a few got up and left. They were given free entry as candidates and left because they did not get a personal introduction to the audience? To me that was a poor reflection on their candidacies.

Was this a "Rally for Republicans" where you would hopefully get inspired or was this just a stunt for free publicity by some candidates who then chose to leave. I just didn't get that. Additionally, while many of us consider ourselves Christians I also felt the prayers to start the event went a little overboard.

Yes I believe in God but He put me in this world and knows that I must do the best I can for my fellow man. Yes my faith tells me that I will be judged by that someday by Him. I do not have to be preached to about abortion (personally I am against it with some caveats), or gays (I believe in fairness), or a host of other things.

Our individual liberties must have no boundaries and must follow our Constitution. One of those caveats is separation of Church and State and in my opinion a Reverend preaching on a political stage somehow muddies that. I believe in having a prayer wishing us all well but not using the pulpit at a political rally for personal choice issues that are decided beyond the scope of our candidacies.

Meanwhile it is easy for me to see how Rand Paul chargd to the forefront and the last poll I saw had him leading by 19 points. Rand has spent his time being focused on the issues, he appears to have the same mindset in many ways of his dad Ron, and he believes in term limits. Get in, get it done, and get the hell out of the way.

It's kind of hard for me to vote against someone like that.

Your thoughts?

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