Sunday, January 31, 2010


For Immediate Release
Sunday, January 31st, 2010
Contact: Preston Bates

Students and Elected Leaders Rally Against Mandatory Fees

On Monday, February 1st, 2010 at 11:00am, University of Louisville student and advocate Sana Abhari will hold a press conference opposing the imposition of mandatory student fees like the meal plan. “The cost of higher education is high enough, and students can’t afford another fee when many are working their way through school”, Abhari said.

Last year, University of Louisville became the first public university in the state of Kentucky to issue a mandatory meal plan. Current University of Louisville statistics indicate that less than one-fifth of undergraduates live on campus, but each is required to purchase a $350 meal card plan yearly.

“This plan was formulated behind closed-doors, and that’s why University of Louisville leaders rationalized their plan by push-polling students”, Abhari stated. “I think students want better food services, but they want open, honest, and sincere communication even more”, Abhari said.

Earlier in January State Representative Joni Jenkins introduced HB 305 to limit the power of public universities from imposing fees on students at will. Local elected leaders will join Abhari and other student leaders tomorrow to support students and rally support for HB305.

Honored guests include: State Representatives Joni Jenkins, Tim Firkins, Mary Lou Marzian, and candidate Donnie Adkins; Metro Councilwoman Vicki Welch, and Metro Council candidate David Yates.

“The Courier Journal article on Saturday was just the first step, at the conference we will highlight data, and raise specific concerns for this critical student issue”, she said.

The press conference will be held inside the 1st floor of the Swain Student Activities Center next to Jazzman’s CafĂ© at 11:00AM and is sponsored by the University of Louisville College Democrats.

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