Monday, February 8, 2010


Criminal charges on Snyder/Cubbage: The criminal complaint I filed against Amy Cubbage and Sheryl Snyder with the County Attorney's office has been forwarded to Attorney General Jack Conway's office for further investigation. In short it is now up to AG Conway to DO his job in this matter.

It won't go away I assure you.

The idiocy of Tandy Continues: Check this out over at Jake's Tandy Capitalized On Six Flags Job Losses. What can one add to this? Tandy again shows his lack of leadership ability and why he shouldn't be considered. Asking for money for his campaign when he should actually be doing something besides posturing as a Council member and candidate.

Does the CJ actually get it: The CJ's Joe Gerth did his wrap up article this morning including the Julian Carroll fiasco that aired on CNN Joseph Gerth Misbehavior seems to be spreading in Frankfort The Courier-Journal I have to wonder does he get it?

Democrats, and most notably Carroll, have argued that only members of a political party should be allowed to choose a party’s nominee. Moreover, Carroll argues such a plan would encourage people to register as independents, which he says would lead to the downfall of the Republican and Democratic parties.
He may very well be right,.....

There was absolutely nothing right about this statement. Carroll has proven once again just what is wrong with parrisan politics in Kentucky. interesting that the Republicans are for it and the Dems are not.

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