Sunday, March 14, 2010


Let's get to it shall we? The following was taken off the WHAS website story:

Republican Primary Poll results:Margin of error +/- 4.7%

Thieneman 34%

Heiner 30%

Robertson 6%

Undecided 30%

Democrat Primary Poll results: Margin of error +/- 3.9%

Fischer 20%

Tandy 17%

King 12%

Allen 8%

Farnsley 4%

Moxley 3%

White 2%

Marshall 2%

Undecided 32%

While Hale Heiner has been bragging behind the scenes that he is leading BIG in the Republican primary for awhile now we find the truth to be different. Welcome to the spin machine.

It is no surprise to many that Thieneman is leading the race right now for Republicans. Chris has fought against the Democratic machine for years while Heiner has spent his Metro Council days being insignificant and approving every budget Abramson has brought before him.

So much for leadership and changing eh?

Heiner has also tried to make the library tax defeat his baby yet when he proposed his own "plan" to fund libraries it disappeared and he has not made a priority of it since 2006. So much again for the leadership. While he has been out trying to paint Thieneman as someone who did not get a new library plan established Hal is the insider candidate who had the ability to pursue it and chose not to.

When the NTS, MSD, and the relation to Lake Forest story comes there will be even more to question here.

On the Democratic side Fisher currently leads with Tandy a close second.

Really folks?

You have non labor friendly union buster Fisher leading the way. Check out Jake over at for more on this. Fisher will push Louisville further down the low wage service economy scale so favored by the Abramson regime we will never crawl out of the hole.

Tandy at number 2? Tandy cannot even address the Cordish issues and transparency without looking like a fool. He has also had years as a Council member to invigorate some sort of plan that would help Louisville and what has he done? Hell West Louisville has even lost more ground with him on the Council.

Tandy has done absolutely nothing for fear he could not be elected if he pissed off the machine. That is the problem. He is led around and told what to do and like a robot he does it.


The best he has done is stand with his friend Hal Heiner and announce a $300,000 forgiveable loan to yet another person or interest who does not need it in the Starks Building. Great loan to give for $2.80 service economy jobs that will not further Louisville. Take the $300,000 and use it for real development with local small business. Tandy should bow out now he has no substance to offer.

King? What the heck can we say about King. He is the most unethical, self serving, ego driven one in the bunch in my opinion. The fact he is still in this race is only because the investigations are not over yet. Here are some things to remind you of this moron:



Of course you know there have been many articles outlying this atrocity.

And that brings us to Tyler Allen.

Tyler is probably the class of this field on the Democratic side. Knowledgeable, forward thinking, and not part of the machine. Though he has been portrayed as a one trick pony by the Courier because of 8664 nothing can be further from the truth.

Check out his live show each week online and get involved with him. He is certainly the best choice in this Democratic field in my opinion.

For myself, I would love to see Chris Thieneman and Tyler Allen face off in November. Both outsiders to the machine. Both successful businessmen.

More importantly both "owe" absolutely nothing to the Democratic machine party entrenched or anyone else for that matter.

It is time to free up the Louisville leadership landscape away from the East End mentality only and see what can be done if we had nontraditional candidates elected. Ones that will include all South, West, and East fairly with no hidden agendas.

What say ye Louisville?


  1. I still can't figure out how they found this many people still using land-lines in Louisville? Were these folks using rotary phones or have they upgraded to cordless models?

  2. Christie Mean-man has no shot at winning against Hal. Chris will get his heine whipped.

  3. lol Curt. Keep dreaming anonymous the real Hal has yet to be exposed ;-)

  4. Facts are annoying things - Check out the voting record on either the Metro Council's Web-site or on the CJ and you will find that Heiner has been willing to vote against bad budgets and for those that were good (about 50-50 when you actually do the research).

    There is nothing wrong with rooting for Chris, just try not to make up your own facts.


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