Tuesday, March 16, 2010


There are so many things going on and I am right in the thick of a lot of it so I apologize if the news does not get to you quick enough for now. With that said here are some stories of interest:

KING COMMERCIAL: Jake over at the ville voice and page one released Jim King's new commercial to begin airing on Wednesday and you can view it here: Woah: Jim King’s First Mayoral TV Spot. It is a pathetic attempt by King, in my opinion, top portray himself as one of the poor boys who made good and had some missteps along the way.

For those of you who have been paying attention this is just more of King trying to fool somebody.

HE IS STILL under investigation, the whole "family man" thing is a joke considering his history of dealing with women in and outside of his marriage, and the whole accountability thing he speaks of. If he was a man of accountability and transparency he would not be under investigation and hiding behind multiple lawyers to cover up his wrongdoings.

But you have to admit the face lift and botox he had done was pretty good.

FRANK SIMON A HYPOCRITE?: Kudos to Jake once again for outing this story. Frank Simon’s Not Just a Hypocritical Bigot. As you know I am running in the primary against his right hand man the "Reverend" John Brewer who has seen fit to throw some lies out there about me. His robocalls are coming from none other than Frank Simon's office and one has to wonder why.

It seems that gambling is a sin but only for everyone and everything else but NCAA tourneys. Come on guys at least be consistent or not publicize the hypocrisy.

FRANKFORT UPDATES: As many of you know I have been pushing for SB 64 and HB 429 concerning the Ky Department of Fish and Wildlife. While I have been taking many hits for supporting these from the powers that be in the Department, and of course their mouthpieces, I am happy to report that HB 429 passed through the House quite easily as SB 64 did before it.

Kudos to the sportsmen of our Commonwealth for standing up for what is right.

On the flip side SB 53, the semi open primary bill that will allow independents to vote in primary elections, was finally brought out of committee thanks to the diligence of you readers getting involved and forcing Darryl Owens to do his job.

Unfortunately it was shut down immediately when it reached the floor this morning. Thank your local Democrat House members for being so blinded. From what I have been told Owens, Ron Weston, and Larry Clark were the problem. Big surprise huh.

SB 222 the bill I helped write to help charitable gaming AND the horsemen apparently has been stalled. The reason I am being told is that Greg Stumbo does not want it in the House so it is going nowhere right now. Typical politics. I am being told that Stumbo is working with Patrick Neely of KEEP and wants all the credit for anything relating to gambling and the horsemen so he can bolster his image for his upcoming Governor race announcement. Neely as you know was on board with SB 222 sponsored by Perry Clark from the beginning. Hell Neely was the one that called the meeting to come up with the plan.

Greed once again by KEEP and Stumbo playing politics are the real problem.

Let me make this easy for you Mr. Stumbo. If you want any shot at consideration for Governor from anyone you need to start being the leader you try to convince everyone you are and not the obstructionist you prove to be daily.

From the perspective of myself and the Charitable gamers who have worked their butt off trying to do YOUR JOB for you, free at that, could care less who gets credit for this passing. People are suffering needlessly because of the decisions made by this type of behavior by you guys in Frankfort.

Clean up your mess and pass this legislation so they can get back to trying to help themselves.

Putting people first is what you are charged with doing not lining your pockets or seeking glory for your own ego and agenda.

For KEEP and Patrick Neely? I told you in December we would work together as long as things stayed above board. We did our part you have not instead choosing to work on other agendas behind the backs of those of us who worked in good faith. You have chosen a path of lies and deception and that just will not work for me.

Stay tuned folks there will be more coming on the real KEEP agenda.

That's it for now.........


  1. What? Mad that someone actually has the nerve to call you out on your liberal views and nutty union only views? This post sure sounds like you're pro-gambling?

  2. This comment made my day. I needed the laugh so thanks :-)

    To address what you think was an important statement. Why in the world would I be mad about my views or your interpretation of them?

    I have always been honest and forthright about where I stand and certainly have never hidden or lied about that like many politicians do just for the sake of being elected.

    To insinuate that my views are nutty? Well that is a matter of opinion and you are certainly entitled to that but I will say this.

    There is nothing nutty about standing up for working families who are being left further and further behind. If elected I will focus on this issue immediately.

    Union or non union workers will get fair representation. I do not shy from the fact that I support labor unions as I believe without them the quality of life many have benefitted from, due to the negotiations and hard work organized labor has done through the years, would not exist.

    Without organized labor leading the way fair wages, safety in the workplace, employer provided benefits, and a whole host of other issues would not exist today.

    I make no apologies for where I stand in fact I am proud that I do not play "politics" with what I believe just so I can gain a vote from someone.

    Most are scared to say what they really believe or scared to vote on any issue that may hurt their chances of being elected or re elected. I say hogwash. If I want to earn your vote than I most certainly have an opbligation to make sure you know where I stand in an honest manner.

    Vote for me or against me but at least you will know who and what you are voting for. I am quite proud of that. Win or lose I will do so knowing that I did not falsely claim I was someone I am not or lie about where I stand on an issue just to get elected.

    There are too many of these people in office now and wemust changethat mindset. I can live with the results of this election either way knowing I was forthcoming and not a heel.

    As far as pro gambling is concerned I have never had a problem with legalized gambling. We lose hundreds of millions of dollars to border states because of our 19th century views on gambling.

    Would I have supported xasino style gambling 20 years ago? Nope.

    Today gambling exists and is here to stay whether we like it or not it has become a way of life. We should not continue paying for gambling related problems by spending money to treat addicted gamblers and/or the problems associated with that.

    If we are going to pay for the problems should we not get funded in some way by the entity that people accuse of creating the problem in the first place?

    In this particular situation though. I do not favor gambling if it will destroy the charitable gamers who work as non profits to fund themselves.

    SB 222 addresses the concerns of both and is a reasonable solution that benefits all.

    Thanks for the comments.


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