Thursday, March 4, 2010


Apparently Dr. Frank Simon, yeah that nut job, is advising my opponent in the District 28 House Republican primary on how to use robocalls. Seems the Reverend Brewer is using Simon's robo call machine to stir up the masses.

The problem?

"Though shalt not bear false witness" Reverend Brewer.

Their first robocall lied and stated I was pro gay marriage. Unfortunately for them I have a record against such and have for years.

Libelous behavior gets you sued.

Now they are using some U of L kid named James Young, who reports he is the Campaign manager for Brewer, in a Facebook attack again lying and stating I have said I favor minimum wage jobs in the Southwest after listening to my radio show last night.

It is so funny because I have led the fight for labor and creating better wages for all. I am a strong labor supporter and minimum wage just does not compute into that equation.

Unfortunately they do not know the difference I guess in saying we need living wage jobs. Living wage and minimum wage are two different things children and maybe you should brush up on your listening skills just a tad.

Unfortunately, the Reverend Brewer has had some emotional problems since the 2006 election I have been reluctant to publicize. Perhaps he has not fully recovered is the reason why he has chosen to go down this path. Or perhaps he is just a figurehead for Frank Simon.

Either way the pressure of his 2006 race against Charlie Miller, a race in which he got beat quite handily, cost him and I feel for him on a personal level. I really do.

I do not want to report details of those problems and I have kept my mouth shut about them for months in hopes this could be an issues oriented race. I had hoped he had gotten the care he needed but this libelous behavior makes me question that.

I fully expected an issues relevant race, knowing the only issues he wanted to talk about were God, gays, and abortion, from the Reverend. I was prepared and have answered tose questions publicly for years.

Unfortunately, with help from Frank Simon in my opinion, I should have known better. The world is full of "false prophets" under the guise of being a man of God. To think this group was any different was foolish on my part admittedly.

Jimmy Baker, pedophile priests, and the list goes on and on.

I had hoped Brewer brought some substance and integrity to this race. You would expect integrity from a Reverend wouldn't you?

I am disappointed he has not. We need someone above this mentality to lead the way and I did not expect a so called "man of God' to lie and resort to these divisive tactics.

I take the tenet of the Constitution to heart. I am a Veteran who served to protect freedom and to preserve the Constitution of the United States.

I am a firm believer in the 1st and 2nd amendments. I believe in free speech wholeheartedly or I could not do what I do everyday.

But there are caveats to anyone who exercises free speech.

An opinion is one thing an open lie against someone else is another. There are repercussions for libelous behavior, even in a political race, and unfortunately for Dr. Simon and Reverend Brewer now may be the time to prove that.

I have been very public about my stance on God, Gays, Guns, and abortion. Read about them at These are the divisive issues that have been and will continue to be decided by the US Supreme Court and therefore have no bearing on my race.

Which simply means I will not waste time arguing about the things I cannot do anything about if elected. We have too many other things to worry about.

This is exactly one more reason we need to get serious and get beyond the hacks who continue to use outright lies and hide behind "God" as the reason they do it. It is also reflective of why we must not continue arguing over things we cannot control by those seeking office with no substance to offer.

We are in a serious freefall in this Country today that includes Louisville and Kentucky.

We need leadership that will help us create living wage jobs, get affordable healthcare, gain accountability from our leaders, gain control of budget spending, and so many other things.

To continue down this path the "Reverend" Brewer, and assumedly based on history Frank Simon, has chosen just further alienates us against each other and is keeping us from accomplishing what needs to be done so we can sustain our basic life needs.

Food, shelter, clothing, a roof over our heads at night.

So many of our neighbors, brothers, and sisters have none of the above and that shoul be our focus. Isn't a true Christian one who helps others? We cannot continue down this path of lies and deception Brewer has chosen to take at the expense of making real changes we desperately need..

Sadly, this is what we have come to expect from candidates for office.

Telling the truth I can live with. Telling lies I will not.

Trust me there is enough ammunition on this website alone to get you started on a negative campaign if that is where you want to go with this Simon and Brewer. I am a public figure so there is so much out there why would you have to resort to lies? Because the only thing you can talk about are Gays, guns, God, and abortion.

Frankly none of those issues feed our starving kids, or put a roof over their heads at night.

"Judge not lest ye be judged." To most that is a familiar saying. For you it seems to be in the lost files of your Christianity.

I just gave you the free publicity you were hoping for. Tread lightly on what you do with it.

Just sayin..................


  1. I understand your points but you have to realize that repub's think about those certain issues before voting.

  2. I agree totally they do they think of those things. the problem wasnt raising the question of where I stand I have been public with that for years. I even posted my stance on these issues at the campaign website before they did any robocalls.

    the problem is they LIED about my positions in hopes of garnering support.

    I have no problem with robocalls or anything else but the record clearly shows where I stand on these issues and to lie about them is libelous behavior.

    Like I said I can andle the truth and the attacks as long as they are truth based.

    Thanks for writing.

  3. Are we getting thinned skinned?

    You have always been close to the edge, this campaign may very well push you off the edge....happy landing!

  4. Simon has his hands full this primary season. He'll have to robo for Hawkins and a few others as well as your opponent. The question is: Can they can scare enough people? The answer is: No. This worn-out tactic along with the rest of the extremist playbook is why people are sick of politics. But not me. I love it, and fools like Simon & Co. make me work harder. Keep up the good work, and good luck.

  5. lmao csx. Thanks for the comedy portion of this site again. Now go play with the other kids us adults have some work to do.

  6. Minor correction. According to Young's facebook profile, he doesn't attend to U of L, but Brown Mackie College.

  7. Yep Brian he does have his hands full. It is a worn out tactic that unfortunately I had to respond to right now. I have been asked why I chose to respond.

    The answer is simple.

    Brewer has had enough problems since his last election. A nervous breakdown and some other issues have hurt him on a personal level.

    My hope was that by addressing these issues early in the campaign, as I did and have, that he would not choose to be the tool of the Simonesque followers and realize he is listening to the wrong people.

    That has not happened so while I wish the man no ill will I have never allowed people free reign lying. I will make him stick to the truth when speaking of my stances or go seek more professional help when he loses.

    Whether that loss is to me or Charlie Miller is not in my control. That choice belongs to the voter. But rest assured he will indeed lose to one of us.

    The Simon ilk has kept us from moving forward and as you know I will continue working to make sure we do.

    Thanks for the kind words.

  8. Curt as always you are on the ball my friend. You are correct. I knew he was just a kid who is in college and was told U of L. It is Brown Mackie.

    My apologies to the readers and the students at U of L for this oversight


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