Thursday, March 4, 2010


84WHAS TO ANNOUNCE NEW MORNING SHOW HOST: Today at 3 PM 84 WHAS will be announcing their choice to replace Francene and no it will not be Joe Elliot. They are going once again outside local personalities and hiring someone who is not familiar with the Louisville landscape.

Rumor has it that WHAS will be hiring Mary from New Jersey who had a couple of tryouts in hopes that they can keep the Francene base. Terry Meiner's will be featuring the new person at 4:15 on 84 WHAS. Thank God it isn't Sterling.....

FRANKFORT UPDATES: Late last night against all odds and behind the scenes power plays the Senate finally passed SB 64 out of committee and to the floor for a full vote. SB 64 is the bill I have been helping push on behalf of the sportsmen in the Commonwealth to gain transparency and openness in the KDFWR which certainly needs it. The House equivalent HB429 passed through committee this morning.

Thanks to all of you for getting involved and forcing this to the floor for a vote!

Darryl Owens apparently thinks he can decide what we in Kentucky want or do not want. Why? Because he can. He needs to go. Owens is from the Abramson mindset and regime and plays politics for his advantage not We the People.

SB 53, the bill I have been helping promote brought about by Independent Kentucky's Michael Lewis, has been stalled in committee by Darryl Owens. He has been quoted as saying to other reps that this bill will not come out of committee period.

As you know SB 53 allows independents the right to vote in primary elections. This bill also led to the CNN coverage of Juliann Carroll basically making Kentucky look like a bunch of backwards hicks.

SB 53 will allow for a semi-open primary which means that if independent you will have to choose which ballot to vote on either Dem or Rep. Don't be fooled by the idiocy of those like Carroll or Owens. SB 53 puts Kentucky in the 21st Century and rights a wrong by allowing those without a choice in the primaries the right to exercise their vote.

33 other States across the Country have something similar in place today.

Additionally SB 80 sponsored by Sen. Dan Seum that will make Louisville's next Mayor have the same openness and transparency as the Governor of our Commonwealth has is being stalled in the House as well.

This bill deserves a floor vote and we in Louisville deserve accountability. Abramson's reach is in Frankfort already and this cannot continue.

Is it any wonder why we need NEW people in the House? The machine that is there has run its course it is time for new leaders.

I for one am sick and tired of ONE politician thinking they have the right to stop a bill just because they do not agree with it. We elect them to represent us period. It is time to revisit just why so many continue to be recycled back into office with the mindset that they are above accountability.

Put the legislation brought before you up for a floor vote period. Then you do one simple thing.

You vote for or against it.

If you cannot handle the responsibility that goes along with your vote then you don't need to be in office. These idiots refuse to do their jobs unless someone tells them it is OK they will get reelected. Seriously the power of lobbying groups with threats etc against the is incredible. One group even told Brandon Smith they will make sure he isn't reelected if he allowed SB 64 out of committee.

That was the holdup on it. Personally, Smith just gained some favor with me by manning up and actually going ahead with this at his own peril.

Are they that scared to actually have to maybe get a real job in the private sector when they are done?

Probably so since there are not so many jobs out there today thanks to the way they govern.

Finally, as many of you know I have been working in Frankfort on legislation (doing their job for them) that will help charitable gaming and the horsemen. This plan will create hundreds of millions of dollars for Kentucky. For 3 months now myself, Kaven Rumpel, and Bobby Clark have been working on this.

Unfortunately, politics has entered the fray. Instead of looking out for the best interest of us all it seems some are looking out for themselves and are afraid of who gets credit for something finally happening. Some are scared Beshear will get credit because they have future plans. Others are scared they may offend a legislator who thinks they have all the power to destroy them.

That is why you are being led down a path of idiocy right now by Larry Clark's new tax plan that will do absolutely nothing for anyone. Moberly's newly introduced HB 601 in which he "thinks" he can mimic others and maybe $32 million a year.

A band aid does not stop a mortal wound folks and this Commonwealth is hemorrhaging.

Thanks to the political games being played by our elected leaders for their own benefit we are losing ground more and more each day.

Stay tuned more to come...........

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