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Today the KREF finally fined Jim and Katie King $15,000 apiece or $30,000 total for their violations during Katie's campaign. Gee I wonder if Jim paid the whole fine as well. This is one of the highest fines on record if not the highest. In recent years anyway. Of course Dilger of the KREF tried to spin it as expected but they could not stop the case and had to go high on the fine for fear of retribution.

That is thanks to the public outcry from each of you.

You can view the WLKY story by Andy Alcock here:
KREF Fining Kings For Campaign Finance Violations - Video - WLKY Louisville

Of course they are still trying to blame this on some miscommunication from the KREF which can hardly be considered truthful.

Fact #1: On June 11, 2008 Amy Cubbage of Frost,Brown, and Todd,
then King attorney was sent an email from Sarah Jackson that said that King could not gift this money based on the fact that the Registry had never allowed it.

Of course this email was not sent to me until September 24 the night before the KREF hearing and it was too late to allow it into evidence. An oversight? Not hardly. It was intentional left out of previous disclosure because this would have been a smoking gun that destroyed the credibility of the "gee I didn't know defense.".

So if Amy Cubbage indeed did advise King he could do this then King would be right in denying any knowledge except there is a problem with that.

On WLKY news coverage by Andy Alcock on September 25, 2009 Sheryl Snyder, who took over from Cubbage as King attorney, was specifically asked if his office advised King he could gift this money. Snyder replied "of course not."

That means someone is lying it is that simple.

Mel Ignatow got away with murder but wen to jail for perjury. In this case King, Snyder, or both should do the same consideirng tis is a felony charge and perjury is involved..

Fact #2: July 18, 2009 one month AFTER his attorney was told he could not gift this money King sought a different answer from the KREF. He was advised that family members were considered the same as any other donor.

Craig Dilger of the KREF says he has no doubt Katie knows the day to day law that goes on her Courtroom but Election law is entirely different. I agreeit is different but is ignorance of the law an allowable excuse in most courtrooms? No it is not.

Guess what Dilger I am no attorney but I was able to figure out the law so why couldn't an attorney?

Fox41's Chris Turner also covered the story and you can read his report here: Jim, Katie King pay election finance fines - Louisville News Kentucky Indiana News Weather Sports

Dilger again continues to spin "The Kings' violations are called "non-knowing," because they asked an election finance registry attorney and a personal attorney for advice on the gift -- and both said it was likely legal. "He (Jim King) didn't hide it. It was out there, and everybody knew about it, which is how it came to the board's attention," Dilger said.

Sorry Craig this statement does not add up either. You see according to public disclosures by Sheryl Snyder they never advised King that it was legal see Fact #1 above. According to the original email exchange by Sarah Jackson to Amy Cubbage in June she was advised King could not do it as well.

By the way the reason everyone knew about it was not because King did not try to hide it it was because I refused to allow it to be hidden and kept you pressured to do your job. It came to the Board's attention because of the charges that I signed and filed.

At least be truthful about something.

King's fine is simply the tip of the iceberg folks. He has already spent almost a million bucks of his own money to buy 2 elections. One he was successful at in Katie's Judgeship, the other remains to be seen on May 18 of this year when he is hoping he will have been able to buy the Mayoral primary as well.

$30,000 fine to King is like a $5 fine to most of us. In short no big deal. After spending a million to buy elections what do you think he thought about a measly $30,000? He was thankful to pay it hoping it would go away.

They are trying to lull us into this false mentality of poor Jim and we should all be insulted.

The issue is still ongoing as the criminal complaint is still supposedly being investigated. To date there is no investigation period. they have not even contacted me after all this time and I am the one who initiated this and kept it alive. Do you not start at the complainant when investigating?

It is being stalled as we speak dependent on the outcome of the primary election. If King wins that primary then they will try to push this aside and kill it. If he loses then they have to rethink their logic and do something to him as it is a cut and dry case.

I will say this. Someone committed perjury n this whole deal as everything was under oath. King lied or his attorneys did which is why I filed charges against them as well.

That is where to start the real investigation. King knows Snyder denied telling him it was ok and he has done nothing to seek recourse against him or Amy Cubbage.

That is telling in itself.

KIng has tried playing the gee I made honest mistake games in his new TV commercials. They are funny as well considering he is trying to capitalize on St. X once again even after being chastised by St X for illegally using their logo and email lists. He still does not get it anymore than Katie gets it. The apple certainly does not fall far from the tree does it.

Does this seem like someone who recognizes wrongdoing and is remorseful? Nope.

He continues to act as though he cares about openness and transparency yet he has intentionally done everything he can to legally hold this up for two years forcing me to work hundreds of hours trying to sort through the legal quagmire King himself created by not being honest and truthful from the beginning. It was only after I beat his own attorneys, supposed cracker jack expert ones at that, that he decided to conciliate and try to put this behind him quietly.

He could have admitted fault and moved on 2 years ago instead opting to try and fool us all. I just wish I got paid for the hours I put into this whole ordeal like his attorneys have. I could retire I assure you. Instead thanks to him trying to hide and get away with illegal acts I have spent hundreds of hours working for free trying to insure this case was not thrown away because of politics.

He felt that he and his cracker jack attorney Sheryl Snyder could overwhelm me and I would drop it and it would go away quietly. That was the plan and it failed miserably.

So much for openness and transparency eh Jim?

We the people deserve better and it was necessary to work against those who work against us like Jim King.

There will be reckoning in the near future. Guaranteed. There are many investigations going on as we speak beyond the one the Special prosecutor supposedly ordered. When al is said and done the entire KSP and Governor's office may be involved in the ongoing investigation by others.

Stay tuned the Grand Jury has yet to hear this case and many others beyond the Grand Jury are looking into this and other charges yet to be revealed...........

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