Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Tonight had to be one of my favorite shows to date. In studio was Democratic candidate for Metro Council District 1 Ray "Sir Friendly C" Barker to discuss the issues of West Louisville. He brought a guest with him tonight I did not expect as I was going to get him on a later show. Mark Mitchell running as a Democratic Candidate against Cheri Bryant- Hamilton in District 5.

We finally had a discussion about West Louisville issues and I have to say these guys impressed me a lot. Anyone who is a guest on the show is always invited to meet us preshow an hour prior and both these guys did just that. After spending 2 hours tonight with them I think we finally have someone who can help develop West Louisville into a thriving community.

It will not be done overnight and these guys accept that knowingly but have great ideas on where to start.

Additionally my friend, partner, and personal guru Libertarian Ed Martin announced he will indeed run for the 3rd Congressional seat currently held by John Yarmuth. There has been much speculation about this for weeks and even I did not know what his final decision was going to be.

Hard to believe I know but you have to know Ed. He literaly will take it to the grave before letting you know anything before he is ready.

Over the coming weeks Ed will be putting forth his issue stances and plans and believe me you will want to pay attention this guy is the real deal.

Check out the show below:

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