Monday, March 1, 2010


Much has been written and said over the last few days regarding Senator Jim Bunning's refusal to extend unemployment benefits to those whose benefits are about to run out. It is hard to argue for Senator Bunning in this case since the economy is so bad off and people desperately need the money.

A conservative will argue that Bunning is right and we should do it this way. A liberal argues that we cannot afford to wait because people will suffer. Notice nowhere did I say republican or Democrat. Conservatives and liberals come from both sides of the equation.

I must say the Conservative side of me thinks that Senator Bunning does raise some interesting arguments for his stance. Logically, we have to continue asking ourselves where the deficit ends and Bunning just brought that to the forefront.

The Liberal side of me says we must get the money to those i need now and worry about who pays for it later. The problem is we are paying for it either way.

Senator Bunning believes that since we already have borrowed money available from unused TARP funds that we should use that money to fund the extended benefits. Opponents say it is just another way for Bunning to be an obstructionist and not do his job.

I have to ask why has Congress not at least addressed the question that Senator Bunning has raised?

We are not talking about a long term process of discussion. IF Congress truly cared about those needing the help then certainly they could have spent a few minutes discussing the possibility of Bunning's proposal right?

They spend more time on deciding what to eat for dinner than this discussion would take.

Instead they have opted to spend their time denouncing the mere suggestion of using existing funds to help those in need. For myself the members who will not have the discussion are the real problem and unfortunately those that need the help are not getting it because of politics.

I am not now nor have I ever been a Jim Bunning fan admittedly. I believe we can do so much better than him as a Senator BUT I must say in this case he makes a compelling argument and it should be considered.

The Congress members who spent more time sending out press releases on this issue than considering it should be ashamed. We are raising our debt at the most alarming rate ever and mortgaging our future and those of our children so why not look at other possibilities.

The decision to help those who need it most should be done quickly, decisively, and without regard to political party. Period.

Many of us are suffering today because of the faulty decisions these guys made. It is only fitting that they try to at least correct part of their wrongdoing. Discuss the issue and move forward either way.

That is what you are elected to do.

Your thoughts?

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