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March 1, 2010


Mongiardo Calls on Kentuckians To Contact Bunning Offices To Protest Bunning’s Blockage of Unemployment Benefits Extension Criticizes Grayson and Paul as “Bunning Clones” for Supporting Bunning Actions

Frankfort---Lt. Governor and Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Daniel Mongiardo is calling for Kentuckians to protest Senator Jim Bunning’s blockage of unemployment and healthcare benefits for over 1 million jobless Americans, including 119,230 Kentuckians, by calling Bunning’s office in Washington and district offices throughout Kentucky.

The Senate will be taking up the matter again over the next several days.

In an email blast going out to 40,000 supporters today, Mongiardo is calling Bunning’s actions “to reduce the deficit on the backs of the unemployed disgraceful”.

In addition, Mongiardo called Trey Grayson and Rand Paul “Bunning clones” for their support of Bunning’s position.

“Jim Bunning was the only Senator in either party to object to extending unemployment benefits and health insurance payments to over one million Americans. Even Senator Mitch McConnell supported extending the benefits and called Bunning’s actions ‘disappointing.' Yet, Trey Grayson and Rand Paul have demonstrated they are nothing but Bunning clones by their support of Bunning’s action. Grayson and Paul are obviously engaged in political posturing to attract support from the most extreme elements of the Republican Party at the expense of those who are jobless in this struggling economy,” said Mongiardo.

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