Tuesday, March 16, 2010


It is a great honor to receive any endorsement in a political campaign but in this case doubly so.

Today I received the endorsement of Teamsters local #783 for my State House District 28 race. As a proud Union member for most of my life I have always understood the fight for fairness and equality in the workplace. I have stood alongside labor in many issues and have railed against the common problems we all share.

Therefore to receive an endorsement from labor recognizing my efforts as someone who walks alongside, and not ahead, is a very humbling experience.

I will continue to work towards equality in the workplace, fairness, and towards creating an economy that provides jobs that pay fair living wages so we all can become successful. Though this is a great honor to be recognized by labor it is only the beginning.

This is the beginning of a long road ahead towards winning this primary and then the General election. The road will be rough but with the collective efforts of all of us we can reach the end successfully.

My sincerest thanks to the Teamsters at local #783 for their efforts in helping make this happen.

Together we can all achieve more than the mediocrity we have been forced to accept.


  1. Great job Ed!!!! Good to know that some of our union brothers will judge each candidate by what they believe in and how their opponent votes!!

  2. How do you think this will help you in a GOP race?

  3. Thanks Curt! Anonymous for starters I do not consider this a GOP race. As an elected official I will be tasked to represent all fairly and equally regardless of party affiliation. That is the problem now.

    Another thing I would add is that your comment appears to imply that union members and working class families are Democrats only.

    That is far from the truth. I am very proud of this endorsement because it shows that labor unions in general are fed up with lip service from the traditional mindset.

    thanks for the comments guys.

  4. are you going to try to get local uaw 862 to back you also

  5. I would love to have their backing and have asked to meet with them. To date there has been no response.......


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