Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The following are the latest press releases from Tyler Allen and Dan Mongiardo.


March 2, 2010Louisville, Ky. – Sisterbeans Coffee House located at 4956 Manslick Road will host Tyler Allen's next LIVE webcast Wednesday Feb. 3th at 12:30pm. The event is open to the public both at Sisterbeans Coffee House and online at Tyler's USTREAM.tv Channel: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/tyler-allen-for-mayor.

Tyler will be discussing issues affecting Southern Jefferson CO, and sharing his ideas for real growth for our City, and answering any questions.

And from Dan Mongairdo's camp:

Bunning’s of Benefits Is “Disgrace”Grayson/Paul Putting Winning Votes from GOP Right-Wing Ahead of Helping Jobless Bill Passed House With No Objection from Ron Paul

Louisville/Lexington---In prepared remarks outside Jim Bunning’s offices in Louisville and Lexington today, Lt. Governor and Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Daniel Mongiardo called Senator Jim Bunning’s obstruction of unemployment benefits for 120,000 jobless Kentuckians a “disgrace and shows a callous disregard for Kentucky families.”

Mongiardo also criticized Trey Grayson and Rand Paul’s support for Jim Bunning’s actions, stating they have “put the interests of winning votes from the Republican right wing ahead of 120,000 jobless Kentuckians suffering in this recession.”

The extension passed the House by voice vote with no objection by Rep. Ron Paul and Bunning was the only Senator of either party to block the extension. Mongiardo noted “even Senator Mitch McConnell was disappointed with Jim Bunning’s actions.”

In response to Tea Party protests on behalf of Bunning, Mongiardo said, “No one disagrees the deficit is a serious problem. I share their frustration with Washington and out of control spending. But even Ron Paul voiced no objection to this commonsense measure to help the jobless. I do not think we should be reducing the deficit on the backs of Kentucky’s jobless.”

“If Bunning, Grayson and Rand Paul want to make a political point, make it on Wall Street bankers who have lavished billions of dollars in bonuses on themselves – as a result of the taxpayer funded bail out … tax dollars paid for by many of those standing in unemployment lines today. Or get tough with corporations that ship our jobs overseas,” said Mongiardo.

Mongiardo noted, “If Bunning and his political clones want to show how tough they are---why did they not support last month’s proposal to set up a bipartisan commission to reduce the deficit?”

Mongiardo concluded: “The issue isn’t spending. The issue is – whose side are you on? There is no question on whose side I stand. I am proud to stand here today in support of every day, ordinary working people …those with jobs and those looking for jobs. Those are Kentucky values we should all believe in.”

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