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One of the positive things about the CJ is that each election they ask questions of all candidates and post them on their website, and other avenues, to get it to you the voter. I believe everyone of us have the right to know how each candidate responds to these questions. An informed voter is a good voter regardless of which candidate you choose in the election.

Below are the questions submitted to me by the CJ editorial board and my answers for your review:

Q. Why are you the most qualified candidate?

A: I stay involved and work towards change daily not just show up for elections. The recent $30,000 King fines, the highest in known memory throughout the State, are but one example of my involvement in cleaning up Government. This alone was a 2 year process and is ongoing.

Helping get SB64 signed into law, drafting SB 222 to aid Charities throughout our community are others.

Check out my website and you will see the daily dedication and efforts over the years NOT election years only.

Getting to the root of problems, accountability, openness, transparency, honesty, and integrity are my greatest strengths as proven by my work.

Q: What are the most crucial issues, and how would you address them?

A: Job stimulus and education are the top 2 right now. Restructure the current tax system, focus on small business development and growth, starting with our most troubled areas, through the use of microloans is one start. Education needs to be completely revamped starting with the dismantling of KERA and reworking how we prioritize spending.

We have seen over and over the current crop of career elected "leaders" continue to fail us by the same old tired thinking. We must open the door to new ideas to stimulate ourselves.

Q: How should the legislature solve the problem of declining revenues that have forced cuts in education and other state services?

A: Start by doing our jobs. The budget must be the first order of the day not the last thing considered during the session. I propose the budget reaches the House not later than the 3rd week of January each year and the House then immediately reconciles the budget and sends to the Senate.Upon a budget agreement we then know what we have and have not.

Once we have a balanced budget we can then hammer out any extra spending, or pork, based on surpluses.

I also would lower taxes immediately on small business. Offer tax incentives for small business growth and establish the microloan program referred to above.

Q: Do you favor or oppose reforming the state tax system to raise revenue. Why? And taxes would you increase or cut?

A: I believe the state tax system should be reformed so I am in favor of that. The current tax system in place makes Kentucky and our local communities, like mine in District 28, non competitive for new business.

The first thing to cut is, like I have stated above, small business taxes. This business is the lifeblood of our community and the most abused from a tax structure perspective.

Occupational taxes, vehicle taxes are others.

Q: Do you support expanding gambling to allow video slot machines at Kentucky's race tracks?

A: I support expanded gambling in principle because I believe it is a foregone conclusion that gambling is here to stay. With that in mind we continue to send millions out of State each year that we can use for economic stimulus. I do not favor expanded gambling primarily for horse tracks.

I am already involved with this issue working on behalf of charities by co writing SB 222 that would allow expanded gambling and charitable gaming to co exist. The KEEP organization's own spokesman liked the plan then opted out in favor of trying to gain it only at the tracks instead once again. Some legislators are still playing politics with this in hopes of setting themselves up for future office.

This has proven in my eyes, and many others, that the horse industry, and their lobbied legislators, are only interested in their benefit and not that of our communities.

This mindset is unacceptable and will hurt the charities that need help the most. This stalemate has to be resolved.

Q: Would you support legislation that raises Kentucky's dropout age from 16 to 18?

A: Yes. I can see nothing positive being accomplished by someone 16 years old without an education.

Thanks for reading!

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