Tuesday, April 27, 2010


First it seems I will have some time on my hands again to update you the reader. Dynacraft apparently overestimated their needs for manpower and have started laying off most they recently hired. Yep that includes me. So much for the new job and economic recovery.

Much has been going on lately so I will update a bit here and then get back to more research.

Jim King has gotten some more endorsements and there is much to be said by commentors. Read here: Fraternal Order of Police endorses Hal Heiner, Jim King for Louisville mayor courier-journal.com The Courier-Journal

As the one who brought about the charges against Jim King and fought to ensure it did not get swept under the rug as intended I can assure you that King should not be elected. This case is far from over.

Jim King has several criminal violations being investigated right now by Special Prosecutor Hart Megibben and the Kentucky State Police. This criminal investigation is ongoing and the KREF was just the beginning and only ONE part of the actual case.

Remember IF King wins the primary then is indicted the Mayoral race is over for Democrats.

Jim King is still under CRIMINAL investigation by the Special Prosecutor Hart Megibben AND the Kentucky State Police. For anyone thinking of voting for him remember this. If you elect King and he is found guilty after being indicted and before the General election he cannot serve as a felon. There goes your vote. And you will then have no choice on his replacement in the primary.

If King somehow pulls this off and wins the General election and is convicted then the Metro Council will appoint his replacement. Do you really want to take a chance on that? You can read more about the King spin machine here: Louisville News and Politics: JIM AND KATIE KING $30,000 IN FINES IS JUST THE BEGINNING

Chris Thieneman has been taking some heat for his statements about involvement in a play to pay scheme back in 2000. For years I have been told about pay to play schemes by people who would not use their name for fear of retribution. These stories are from multiple sources and would involve so many prominent people your head will spin.

Thieneman going forward with this during this campaign was an extremely bold risk to take. Though Chris has spoken of this issue previously no one in media ever wanted to pursue it. Now as a Mayoral candidate Chris used that platform to bring it to light. Quite frankly, I am glad Chris came forward with this revelation.

Chris has put his own name and rep on the line to bring it to the forefront. Whether you agree or not this could be the beginning of the end of this travesty of politics here in Louisville. The days of pay to play are numbered and it starts with people like this willing to go public.

The scheme includes those such as Fred Cowan and some have even alluded to Dave Armstrong.

Can anyone say whistleblower?

Commonwealth Attorney Dave Stengel should already be investigating this and pursuing Cowan, which will lead to many others I assure you, but Stengel cannot. Why? Because Stengel himself is bought and paid for by the machine in my opinion. His involvement with the Jim King case, and his lack of fortitude in doing his job accordingly, was a major red flag to me of just how far he is involved.

After Stengel received a loan of more than $500,000 from King's bank, and the rumors of the reasons behind his divorce, it is obvious to many Stengel cannot do his job due to his "obligations" to others instead of those who elected him. You sure can buy a lot of friends with $500,000 can't you?

This will get very interesting to say the least so stay tuned as charges may be forthcoming.


  1. Stay after these people Ed. We the people need to stand up more to them and tell they are wrong and we don't need them in these positions. As a member of "Take Back Kentucky" I am for you 100%.
    I receive emails from a group I email with regularly and they all say re-elect none of the politicians now in office. Let's start anew.

  2. Thanks Anonymous trust that I will continue. It will be a lot easier if I win this election to change it from the inside out :-)

    thanks for writing.


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