Friday, April 16, 2010


Sometimes in life we get surprised and today was one of those times for me. Metro Councilman Kelly Downard sent the letter above endorsing my campaign for State House District 28. What makes this so special and interesting is that Councilman Downard and I were on opposing sides during the 2006 Mayoral race.
This endorsement for me proves once again that many of us can work through our differences towards the greater goal of bettering our community.
Since the 2006 election I have had the privilege of being able to speak with Councilman Downard many times about problems here in Louisville and found myself siding with him on several issues. The commitment Councilman Downard has towards bettering our community is a tireless one.
I have followed Councilman Downard over the years and have to say he is a rare person in our political world. He is one Councilman I have the utmost respect for and appreciate him for all he has done and continues to do for our community each day.
To receive an endorsement from any sitting elected official during a primary is to say the least very rare.
While knowing Councilman Downard's policy of not endorsing during primary campaigns, and then receiving this endorsement, is to say the least very humbling and it is with great pride that I am honored beyond words and offer my sincerest thanks for this. I look forward to working with Councilman Downard on the issues facing Louisville and working in Frankfort to help us better our community.
Many thanks Councilman. I will do my best to uphold the trust you have put in me with this public endorsement as I will always work to uphold that trust for all I seek to represent.


  1. I also want to proudly annouce that Take Back Louisville and the statewide group Take Back Kentucky has also endorsed your candidacy in the Kentucky State House 28th District race.

  2. Thanks so much Norm! It is an honor to be endorsed by a group that focuses on our Constitutional rights.

    I am humbled once again by both and my sincerest thanks.

  3. Take back Louisville and take back Kentucky from what?

    In my recollection, the last time civil liberties were attacked was during the Bush administration.

    What freedoms have been lost or are being lost? Please enumerate.


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