Friday, April 16, 2010


You know it really is kind of sad to see just how badly Metro Councilman, Democrat Louisville Metro Mayor candidate, and guilty as charged Jim King continues to try and spin this election and act like he has a chance. Take the latest garbage email blast from his campaign staff I received today for example:

Dear Friends,

I wanted to share some exciting news about our campaign. Over the past couple of days, our campaign has completed a poll of likely voters in our community. I am proud to say that we have moved into a strong second place position in the poll and we now trail the front-runner by less than 6 percentage points.

With almost half of the voters in Louisville still undecided (48.9%), the race for Louisville’s next Mayor is wide open.

Join us for one our nightly phone banks beginning at 4 pm and help us walk your neighborhood every Saturday The yard signs are in, please pick one up today! With your help of getting our message to the voters, I am confident of our victory on May 18th.

Our campaign will be displaying new television ads, sending out more direct mail pieces and unveiling several major announcements and endorsements.

Please visit our website at or call our headquarters at 456-2010 to join our efforts!


Jim King

The poll information is below:

Mc2 conducted the poll and it was put in the field on Sunday, April 11 and finished April 14th. The sample was 401 likely voters, margin of error +/- 4

Fischer 20.4

King 14

David Tandy 13

Undecided 48.9

For starters I can find nothing that makes this Mc2 a credible source whatsoever.

I also have received 3 calls from folks telling me that they were contacted and were only given 3 choices in this poll. Yep you guessed it the three choices were Jim King, Greg Fischer, and David Tandy. Of course Tyler Allen and all other Democratic candidates were not even in the poll.

Since all were not included in this self serving push poll than of course the undecided voters numbers go down and the actual numbers for King, Tandy, and Fischer most likely would to.

What does this tell us?

Simply this. King is so desperate to act like he has a shot that he will intentionally lie or use an unscientific poll to try and convince us that he is the best candidate. Does he really think we are that gullible? Is he that arrogant? Haven't we been put through the lies and deception by the Kings' enough over the last 2 years?

We will all know come May 18 one way or the other on King but I will say this.

For those who think polls are important continue listening to the proven polls when it comes to these things like Survey USA. Anything else is well just garbage at this point. Everyone uses internal polling to one degree or another when running a campaign but none of us generally actually spend the money for a Survey USA or credible poll.

Heck my internal polling shows me leading by 26% points in my primary race over my opponent. My sincerest thanks to each of you who will vote for me but this poll is not a credible one either since I have not paid a respected proven poll service like Survey USA.

I will not blast stating something I do not even believe 100% on my own behalf.

Seriously Jim King you are only further hurting yourself at this point. You are already a multi millionaire so what do you have to gain by continuing this fight? The only thing you have proven so far is that you will spend whatever you have to out of your own pocket to buy an election.

Funnily enough you just paid a fine of $30,000 after being found guilty of violations and the criminal investigation is still ongoing. Using that approach is why you are not leading now. If yuo would have spent the last 2 years practicing the openness and transparency you are trying to use as your platform today instead of lying, and being deceptive about your wrongdoings, yuo may have been in a better position today for this race.

Since you chose not to be open, and decided to play the David versus Goliath fight, to try and justify your actions for the last two years you have proven you are only interested in yourself and we the people will remember it at the polls.

I, for one believe it or not, am embarrassed for you. I continue to be amazed at the lack of sincerity in you. I also am amazed at the lack of remorse. Waiting to try and act like you know you made mistakes and are really sorry after all this time has proven to the voters that you only have done this now to gain favor for political purposes. That is the reality and the reason you are behind today.

So here is some free advice since the mega bucks you have paid to buy practically every named campaign manager in Louisville has failed you so far.

Get out of the race, make amends to prove yourself as something other than what we have come to know you as over the next 4 years, and try again later. Spend the next 4 years becoming the man you want us to believe you are and not the man you have proven you are today.

How can we expect you to lead when you have fought against everything you now say you are for?

A leader leads by example and right now the example you set is one we are used to and simply cannot afford to follow again.

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  1. It does indeed seem like a ploy by King, perhaps even a desperate one. If we believe his poll, then we have to conclude that Fischer's numbers in the last independent poll are an outlier. Maybe that's what he's wanting many to believe -- that Fischer really isn't gaining ground.

    I guess we'll only know the truth on May 18. In the meantime, we'll see at least one more independent (and likely much more trustworthy) poll.

    (See, we don't disagree on everything.)


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