Wednesday, April 7, 2010


For almost 5 years now I have made it a mission to inform voters in our communities about issues, problems, lies, and deception from our elected leaders and those who want to be. Sometimes even I admit it is an overwhelming task and admittedly in the beginning there were times I simply had to ask myself "is this really worth it?"

But then there were great days and visible rewards that made it all worthwhile. Some of my favorite ones?

Watching IPL get their due. The first one was seeing convicted felon, and husband of Council woman MaDonna Flood, John Flood resign. Though it was an inside deal by "special prosecutor" Chip McKay who swore he would not make a deal (and one wonders why I do not trust special prosecutors?), that made it happen Flood is now gone from the daily harassment this convicted felon put our neighbors through.

Additionally soon thereafter Flood's longtime bosses, cohorts, and co conspirators in Bill Schreck and Charles Cash, finally resigned because the heat was on and they could not avoid it.

Yep I was involved and forced the issues of IPL to the forefront.

Secondly, being the one who outed Abramson and his racist "poorer, blacker, and older" comments from West Virginia that forced us to look at him in a new light was one more guilty pleasure.

Seeing Crit LuAllen finally burn him on an audit that many including myself had been begging for was even greater.

The ongoing Jim King saga is another example of me being involved. While there were many questions asked about his illegal financing of Katie's election NO ONE would step forward and pursue the issue.

I did. It cost me a great deal both professionally and personally but it was a fight that needed fighting and a fight that continues today. Yep I am still doing it and am proud to be one person who will demand justice for us all..

By doing so, and keeping the heat on the KREF so they could not blow it off, the King's were given the highest fine I know of ever being meted out by the KREF in Kentucky's history to the tune of $30,000. A drop in the bucket to King but a message all the same to everyone else that this guy is not trustworthy.

And the criminal investigation that they keep stalling is still ongoing and will result in more. Stay tuned. I have done this as the David versus Goliath, taken the hits, and against all odds of succeeding I succeeded. I will continue this case to its conclusion.

I saw a need and got involved in the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife issues regarding transparency and lack of oversight enabling Commissioner Jon Gassett to essentially do anything he wanted. This resulted in me being instrumental in helping get SB 64 passed through both Houses in Frankfort unanimously.

Again I was told it could not be done and it was.

Then after all these years of working for labor issues and standing up against those who would destroy labor in our community, including Abramson, I finally felt vindicated when the Teamsters local 789 endorsed my campaign for Kentucky State House District 28.

Though I continue to see some unions endorse idiots like Jim King and Greg Fisher, hustlers, liars, and a union buster in Fisher, the Teamsters gave me hope to believe that finally labor unions were starting to pay some attention to someone other than a traditional lying entrenched machine Democrat.

I am both honored and humbled by their trust in me yet once again I was given another surprise today.

For months now the Gatewood for Governor campaign has been rolling and Gatewood, and his running mate Dea Riley, have been out meeting and greeting everyone and telling it like it is. Today they received the endorsement of the United Mine Workers of America.

The UMWA has traditionally supported the entrenched Democrats, like current bought and paid for Governor Steve "lip service" Beshear, so it was an expected endorsement to continue the same.

To see that the UMWA took a hard stand and actually endorsed outside the Dem machine, and endorsed an Independent at that, has shown that yes indeed organized labor unions are starting to look at the big picture and not the lying entrenched party politicians.

While only a couple have had the guts to be true to those that elect them to these leadership positions in organized labor, it is refreshing to see someone actually starting that ball rolling.

Hats off to the Teamsters and the UMWA for having the wisdom to understand that there are true candidates that really do care for the future of us all and just happen to be non Democrats.

I was told 5 years ago that one man cannot make a difference and I was wasting my time getting involved and doing what I do. While one man standing alone may not make a difference, one man giving voice to the voiceless, asking for help, and willing to risk it all does indeed make a difference.

I am living proof of that.

I set out to prove that it would take one man to start the ball rolling 5 years ago, hence the name I have used from the beginning "MyViewMatters," and so far thanks to all of you who have paid attention, and are now finally waking from the sleeping slumber of "we can't make a difference," the proof is before us.

One man. One voice that has now grown to a network of literally thousands of people getting involved, asking the questions, and more importantly demanding the answers to them, has forced several changes in the way we allow ourselves to be treated by our elected leaders.

My friends We The People have always had the power and we have not always used it. Today we are doing so now more than any other time I can remember and the differences are startling. We must continue to fight and see what the next level gets us.

But I can honestly say this much.

In politics today the times they are a changin.'

Your thoughts?


  1. Like previously stated, I support you on your efforts but I think that your accusations and public-figureness will ultimately hold you back from winning any race of importance.

  2. First off Bob thank you. Seriously. No anonymous garbage and I can appreciate your comments. Anytime you decide to run for office you have to way the feasibility of that decision.

    I did not decide this lightly in fact I fought for months against the hundreds that continued to ask me to run. One of the primary reasons I was hesitant is because of just what you stated.

    I will say this I make accustaions but verify with facts, in most cases anyway, and that is an important distinction.

    Because I am outspoken and a semi public figure, for now anyway as I know everyone's fifteen minutes of fame runs out, can I be taken seriously enough to be competitive?

    Ultimately the answer from my supporters was yes. My opponent in the primary has already lost to Miller in the last election by better than 20 points.

    Many in the community believe an outspoken, straight from the heart, person willing to take the risks, and the hits that come with it, are what we need right now.

    Whether I am that person remains to be seen by the voters.

    You do bring up a valid question though and one I had to consider in the initial thought process. I thank you for articulating it.

    Thanks for writing.


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