Wednesday, April 7, 2010


It is with great pride I received this endorsement from Independent Kentucky today. For months now I have worked alongside this organization to allow them equal voting rights in the political process and many other things. It is an honor to have this endorsement from the independents throughout our Commonwealth.

April 2, 2009

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Independent Kentucky Endorses Candidate Edward Springston
in State House District 28

Independent Kentucky, the organization representing independent voters in Kentucky has announced its endorsement of Edward Springston, running as a Republican candidate in the 28th House District.

"I’m very pleased we had the opportunity to get involved in a primary race and back a candidate who has the interest of the people at heart” stated Independent Kentucky Chairman Michael Lewis

Edward Springston has a history of working for people. He has shined light on Louisville politics and worked to educate the people of real Louisville news and politics. Mr. Springston has been a strong supporter of working Americans unions and disenfranchised voters.

Springston has stated “Times are changing” and we agree.

Mr. Springston has publicly supported our efforts in political reform and it is our pleasure to support the best candidate in the race!

Independent Kentucky is a state-based association working to reform the political process and develop the voice of independent voters around Kentucky. Learn more at


  1. Yet more evidence that "Independent Kentucky" is really a Republican organization. I'm glad I didn't fall for that (for long).

  2. lmao Steve get real. Using your logic I guess the Teamsters are a Republican org too since I got that endorsement as well.


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