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My apologies in advance. This article is long but political conventional wisdom says when you are attacked negatively you must respond. For three weeks now I have fought myself about writing this article but since Brewer decided to write about it in an attempt to disparage me I feel it necessary to respond. I told Brewer I would not write about this when he asked me but I would not promise anything if he chose to continue the negative road. That is why yuo did not read this 3 weeks ago.

Sadly, Reverend Brewer has not only lied in this campaign he has added blackmail to his negative campaign tactics. Here we go:

Reverend Brewer contacted me on Thursday night April 24 and begged for a meeting. After spending 10 minutes on the phone telling him no, yep there are witnesses to my side of that convo, I finally relented to shut him up. Against my better judgement we met on April 26 at Frisch's on Dixie. In my opinion after meeting Brewer for the first time I seriously believe he does have problems.

Brewer predictably tried to portray himself as the well funded candidate who had the only chance of beating Charlie Miller in November. He then told me he had 5 times my assets and had a better chance of beating Miller because he had the money. He went on to portray my union endorsement as unimportant and tried convince me I was being used by them. He openly told me, and still tells everyone he meets, that the unions endorsed me because I was the lesser of two evils, because they felt he could beat Miller so they needed me to win.

Obviously Brewer does not know me at all. I have openly supported organized labor essentially my whole life. I have never shied away from my organized labor roots and certainly won't now because I happen to be a candidate. I am who I am and I am honored they believe in me.

Since Brewer's claim that he had 5 times the resources was a bold one I checked it out. Another lie. A little over $2500 total included $1000 from Frank Simon, his boss, and a $1000 loan from his own high school son, $350 from himself. After all the "fund raisers" he threw for himself less than $400 was collected. SO much for being able to raise money.Typical spin and no big deal.

SInce Brewer lives in an apartment, has no accounts to draw on, no fundraising advantages as he has proven from his active money pursuit, where did he get this argument? Who knows it does not add up as usual. Since he is now making false claims about my efforts I must respond.

I have stated from the beginning that fundraising would not be my priority for the primary. Our people in District 28 just do not have the money right now for campaigns. In my opinion I was right in not trying to make this an issue. I respect the hardworking folks we want to represent. Brewer's "success" at fundraising just proved me right once again.

I chose instead to stay focused on the problems we have and how to fix them. Not throwing fundraisers was my choice. It was a tough decision but in all good conscience I feel now as I did then that money for most is too tight and the General election is when it is needed most. I decided NOT to ask people to give twice in this economy. I still believe with this economy it was the right thing to do. Respect those you seek to represent and share in the problems we all face.

Additionally, I decided long ago that though I openly address elected leaders for their shortcomings Brewer is not an elected leader. He has enough problems in the last year or two. Losing his home and other things he and his family have had to suffer through. I can relate to suffering and truly wished him no ill will. Call me crazy but I wanted to put myself above that garbage.

Unfortunately, Brewer chose a different path and I must respond.

Reverend Brewer believes an important issue is one because I decided against using a typical campaign website. Why? From a time and money perspective it was an added expense I felt unnecessary at this time. If I am fortunate enough to earn your vote and go on to the General election in November then yes I will have a need for one more website to manage.

A simple google search will tell you anything you ever wanted to know about me. This is untypical of most candidates simply because everything I do is on public display so I have a record and history you can draw on.

This website alone presents a clearer picture of who I am and where I stand on just about any issue you can speak of. It certainly will give you an honest, more in depth look at me as a person who seeks your vote than the typical fluff candidate website many put up. I have been an open public book for years. Whether you agree, or disagree with me as a person or a candidate, you certainly will see more of me than any other candidate ever. I am proud of this. Why run from who I am?

From Brewer's website statements:

"In all honesty, I met with this man privately one week ago to see if I could spare him some embarrassment. Even though his attacks have been quite vicious and totally without any substantiation, I was willing to come to the table and speak peaceably.....

Funny when I asked why he wanted this meeting he said he wanted to see if we could be friends. So much for no substantiation eh? He states he is trying to save me some embarrassment?

Brewer you lost your last race against Miller by 30 points running the same campaign and platform today as you did then. You should worry about that embarrassment not mine. If you truly believe, as you told me and continue to tell others you speak to, that you have me beat 2-1 why choose this path? In your statements I am beat anyway. Right?

Because Brewer's obvious lies on his robocalls had not worked. Public record proved him a liar.

Truthfully I don't worry about being "embarrassed" in an election. I am never embarrassed about standing up for what I believe is right and important no matter the outcome.

That is the problem with guys like Brewer. A professed Reverend who shows up for elections but has never accomplished anything nor done anything in this community. After wasting 45 minutes on his garbage I finally told him to get to the point I had other things to do. Since nothing else he had tried worked he decided to resort to a last ditch effort of blackmail.

Yep you read that right. Blackmail? A so called Reverend using these tactics? All for a paycheck and ego to be elected? Glad I don't attend any church he does.

The first attempt was to threaten me concerning the MyViewMatters Radio show I co host with Ed Martin. In his words I was "vulnerable" and if I didn't drop out he would file charges against me and the radio show for FCC violations claiming that I was illegally using my show for political gain in my race. Desperate measures I guess.

In fact from the very first show on May 28, 2009 before any primary race was a thought or consideration, we openly advertised that any and all candidates who were running in future races for any office were more than welcome to appear on the show and discuss their candidacies.

Of course Reverend John Brewer never requested any air time for his candidacy from our radio show ever. Every candidate we have had on the show asked for time and we accommodated. Want it in writing? No problem. He defeats his own arguments about equal time rules with the FCC. Strike one Rev.

In fact I had previously agreed to a debate with him that he demanded with conditions but clearly did not want. You can read that here: Louisville News and Politics: HOUSE DISTRICT 28: COME ON BREWER A DEBATE DEBATE?

How arrogant is that? But back to April 26.

After realizing his blackmail attempt against me on the show failed, Brewer then stated "well you may be right about the FCC but I can still advertise on your show and you can't stop me." Brewer had just admitted he played his FCC card without even knowing what he was talking about. Need I say more?

Thinking I would tell him no, I guess the truth caught him off guard. Legally we are required to run any candidate ads by anyone at an equal price. We must be fair and equal to all. I have no problems with that in fact I told Brewer I would give him a rate sheet but good luck on getting his ad ran. Frankly, I wish he could run an ad we can use the money. Why can't he run one?

Clear Channel, who owns WKJK, has refused to allow us to sell any campaign ads for our show costing us thousands of dollars in potential revenue. Their choice not ours. We have been begging Clear Channel to change their mind with no luck of our own. Brewer is more than free to pursue it if he wants. Of course he couldn't pursue it for free since lawyers cost money. So for John "if it isn't free it isn't me" Brewer that ended that.

I offered him contact info for Clear Channel so he could buy his own air time for his own show if he chose to, or get ad rates on other Clear Channel stations that were allowed to run them. He wasn't interested in that. No surprise. He wanted something for free and thought he could actually threaten or blackmail me to get it. Strike two Rev.

Then of course the predictable KREF threat by anybody running for office. I told him to please file the claims and I would be more than happy to deal with the KREF since I just won a 2 year battle resulting in the largest known fine in Kentucky history against Jim and Katie King. Strike three Rev.

Blackmail is the ultimate desperation attempt in anything. He played his "hole" cards and failed. Sad thing is I think he thought it would work. Does he not pay attention at all? Trust me Jim King and his water boys have been trying to shut me down for some time. They are not alone. I don't live in fear because I choose to live my life the best I can. You know like most people do.

Of course he now says he cannot file any charges with the FCC or the KREF for fear of backlash from Democrats in November that would use them as negatives against him in the fall. It is pretty arrogant thinking that he has this race won in the first place.

Typical Brewer and yet another excuse for his failure. Acting like he is the savior doing so for the sake of others. Yawn.

Why would anyone sacrifice their integrity for a few bucks or an ego trip is beyond me. That is what is so puzzling about Brewer in this election. Haven't we had enough of this mentality?

Win or lose this primary election is in your hands the voter. It is an honor to even be considered for such an important job. As a veteran I served to protect your right to vote.Please exercise it no matter who your candidate is. We deserve better than what we have come to expect from our leaders.

Win or lose I will sleep well knowing that my integrity is intact.

And oh yeah in keeping with Brewer's "free is me" philosophy I even paid the check...........Just sayin'

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