Monday, May 17, 2010


Tuesday morning at 6 AM the polls open. Are you ready? The course of our future will be decided and this is your opportunity to make sure you have a choice in it. For those of us in District 28 it is more important now than ever to get involved.

The South and Southwest have been forgotten under merger due to failed leadership by our current elected leaders including incumbent Charlie Miller. We will continue to be forgotten without someone strong in Frankfort fighting for us.

Tuesday you are faced with a choice between someone who has been in the lead fighting on our behalf or someone who has already lost an election to Charlie Miller by 30 points.

Throughout this website you can see what I have been doing and how I have worked for accountability on behalf of all of us. There is no record of any candidate that is this open or honest. Whether you agree or disagree with me on my stances I am an open book for you to read.

If given the opportunity by each of you to be your Representative I will lead from the front not play follow the leader. Each of us are equal under our Constitutional government and I will lead the way towards making sure those in Frankfort who have forgotten this will remember.

While many candidates resort to childish behavior during this time: Campaign signs put up illegally in road right of ways, or on abandoned properties trying to create an illusion of support, (check out some of the candidates signs including Jim King, Greg Fischer, and yes even John Brewer), stealing signs, and spreading malicious lies about their opponents, I have focused instead on addressing the issues and the future that affects us all.

While many candidates choose to try and win based on their lies and deception I have chosen as always to speak to you directly and address your concerns. Speaking with as many as I could one on one, in groups, or at scheduled events, I have spent that time focusing on what lies ahead. I have been very humbled by the support.

The issues before us are many. The economy, education, healthcare, openness, transparency, accountability, drainage, MSD, and the list goes on. We must have leadership that can meet these challenges head on.

I have taken the lead on my own on several issues that affect us all. I have also been doing what I do everyday. Bringing to light the failed leadership of those we now have. I will continue to do that regardless of any so called "political risk," because my objective has always been to fight for a better future for us all.

Whether that is an elected official or as a private citizen is entirely up to you on Tuesday.

Leaders identify problems and work to correct them. They do not resort to the typical continuous negative tactics unless they have no substance to offer. Below are some examples of my leadership.

I singlehandedly brought the charges against current Mayoral hopeful Jim King who illegally funded daughter Katie King's Judgeship. Against all odds, and arguably against the top attorneys' in the State, I won resulting in the highest known fine in Kentucky history with the KREF in the amount of $30,000.

The criminal investigation into Jim King continues with the Kentucky State Police today.

I led the fight against Planning and Zoning and their IPL division. This ultimately led to a plea bargain that forced Councilwoman MaDonna' Flood's convicted felon husband John Flood to retire. It also helped lead to the retirement Bill Schreck and his Assistant Charles Cash.

I led the fight for openness and transparency in Frankfort through SB 64 signed into law this year bringing the KY Department of Fish and Wildlife under an open transparent form of operating.

I led the fight for SB 53 which would open our primaries to ALL registered voters bringing a voice to the voiceless for our registered independent tax paying citizens who are denied their basic right to vote.

I singlehandedly brought Mayor Abramson under intense scrutiny by bringing to light his "poorer, blacker, and older" comments while he was in West Virginia.

I have led the fight and drafted SB 222 that will aid the charities throughout our community.

Where are the successes of my opponent?

I have received the endorsements of many throughout this campaign including the Teamsters, Councilman Kelly Downard, Independent Kentucky, Take Back Kentucky, Take Back Louisville, and yes even though I am one of their biggest critics the Courier Journal. The Courier even stated:

Ed Springston is a far more appealing candidate. He's no liberal on social issues....

More important, Mr. Springston speaks with depth and knowledge about the economy, jobs and government transparency.

From Councilman Downard: ... i have followed your enthusiasm, hard work, and dedication to your principles for several years.

Because of that, I have decided to give you my whole hearted endorsement in your primary race for the Kentucky House of Representatives.

I am very proud of each endorsement this campaign has received.

We need someone who has the knowledge and experience that can go to work right away. I am that candidate.

As an elected Representative the work ahead towards change will require a bulldog like tenacity. It requires someone who will stand up, regardless of any "political risk," and do the right thing no matter the personal cost. Someone who is strong enough to fight for what is right and smart enough to work with others. Someone who won't leave those we represent behind.

We need someone that can go to work right away. I am the only candidate prepared to do that from day one. I have worked to improve our Community for years not for months preceding an election only. I do not sit idly by and wait for changes. I lead the way towards them. I don't pretend to go to work because of any election. I do the work daily regardless.

Though the successes have been many, and those successes will continue, as a private citizen the process is a slow one.

I humbly ask for your vote Tuesday to aid me in helping us meet the challenges that lie ahead. I have listened to each of you, I experience the same hardships as each of you, I walk in the same shoes daily.

Please Elect Ed Springston in the Republican primary for House District 28 and prove that together we can make a positive difference in each of our lives.


  1. Man that is cool. Way to go. If you need help just let me know. If I am able I will.

  2. Good luck today Ed!


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