Sunday, May 2, 2010


Weather updates: While I like many others go on a rant against the CJ for not doing the hard investigative work somany of us now do you have to give credit where credit is due. With the ongoing rains, flooding, and expected more of the same throughout the day today the CJ has done a nice job reporting on street closures and problem areas in today's online edition. You can read it here:

Flood warning in Louisville; several accidents on interstates The Courier-Journal

Remember the Kensington group scam report I did: You can read about it here. Louisville News and Politics: THE KENSINGTON GROUP SCAMMING LOCAL INVESTORS? Apparently the folks involved felt compelled from this article to start playing the "your money will be in your hands this week" game again. Of course the same old usual results.

No money and continued lies and deception. This coming week I will expose even more of the scam and the players involved. This will lead to a lawsuit using federal laws including RICO. We must rid ourselves of the scum that would lie, cheat, and steal people out of their money for their own gain.

MAYORAL ELECTION: As previously stated here Chris Thieneman has tried to get the message out for years about the pay to play scheme with no one willing to take him up on it. This has been ongoing since 2001 and this week I will show the evidence trail. Additionally more will be forthcoming involving Jim King, AG Jack Conway, and Steve Beshear.

Stay tuned and enjoy the ride it is going to be interesting.......

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