Sunday, May 2, 2010


Here is the new Chris Thieneman for mayor campaign commercial for your review. Chris points out the fact that he is not a career politician which today is a good thing. Check it out below:



  1. Wouldn't running three failed bids for office make you a career candidate?

  2. In the final analysis, I don't care whether someone running is a "career politician" or not. I care about whether they can handle the job, and whether they have the right values and rational positions to lead the city into the future.

  3. I believe the term the C-J likes to hang on candidates is "perennial candidate".

    And the C-J uses that term indiscriminately on challengers only!

    Abramson, Conway, Heiner, Downard, Stengel, Holsclaw, and many, many others never get that tag.

    The "in" crowd gets a pass.
    The "out" crowd gets disparaged.
    A classic C-J double standard!


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