Tuesday, May 4, 2010


This has been a tough week. Battling pink eye for the last week or so virtually making it almost impossible to see since it is in both eyes, the loss of my Aunt 2 days ago, and now yet another loss. Coroner: Man found dead after accident on Watterson Expressway did not die from crash WHAS11 Louisville, Kentucky and India...

I do not write this for any sympathy. Those who know me know better but what I want folks to realize is that life is short.

The story above is just the initial story and there will be more to come. You see Jones is the Grandson of one of my family's oldest and dearest friends. His dad Dwayne is one of the good people in this world. For this to happen to a 21 year old is tragic by any stretch of the imagination.

I have to ask how in the world was this allowed to happen?

While we await the toxicology reports, I decided to do what I do and research K2 a bit to find out if it could have been involved. What I found was alarming to say the least.

It seems K2 has become the new fake marijuana in many circles. It's allure to the young is an easy one to follow. It is bought over the counter and gives essentially the same high as marijuana. What is not as well known however is the fact that K2 mainly comes from China and is treated with Chemicals.

So you are not smoking something "natural" you are smoking chemicals.

Just last night WHAS news did a story on K2 Popular new drug just banned in Kentucky, easy to get in Indiana WHAS11 Louisville, Kentucky and Indiana News Top Stories

According to the story: K2 is legal in most states, including Indiana, but just a few weeks ago K2 was banned in Kentucky; although anyone, with a few clicks of the mouse, can buy it over the internet.

Poison Control Centers across the country, including Louisville, have been getting calls landing users, mainly 17-to-29 years old, in the hospital with scary side effects.

Marketed as many things: incense, plant food, animal control, it is amazing at how we have allowed this labeling and yet we sell it in smoke shops and according to the WHAS story...

It’s marketed as incense, promising to make your house smell better.
But stores aren’t telling people not to smoke it.

Our reporter asked, “But it’s incense right? You’re not supposed to smoke it?”

“You can smoke it; that’s what they do smoke it,” was the answer.

You can also read an article here on K2: US MO: Fake Marijuana Gets Attention of Police

Britain, Germany, Poland, France, South Korea and Russia have moved to ban the sale of synthetic cannabis within the past year. Kansas may not be far behind.

To quote words from my immortal friend Francene, "life is short so make the most of it."

I will be doing an in depth look into K2 in the immediate future but for now get the word out.

K2 is deadly. Period.

Make sure people know...........


  1. K2 is deadly, period? You're a moron! K2 is used by millions of Americans daily (including me) and the "incidents" are far less than those from cigarettes, prescription drugs or alcohol. No one has ever died from K2 so stop spreading lies, you douche. Plus if you read reports all the "k2 incidents" are caused by counterfeit product. Just look at the packaging in each story it's all different. Very few places nowadays sell the real stuff.

  2. The comment above me is ridiculous. Although it hasn't been proven, it's suspected that at least two people have died from its use:

    The fact that 'Anonymous' has the gall to namecall over this issue is ludicrous, and it proves their ignorance and immaturity.

    Be careful, ladies and gents. Evidence that K2 is deeeeeadly is on the rise. More and more of it is uncovered every day. Research it for yourself--I guarantee that you won't like what you find.

  3. wait... the counterfeit is the bad one to smoke? or both?

  4. the young man in this story did not die because of k2 he died of heart problems he nor his family knew about people need the facts before they make judgements also the media should do the same and report the truth

  5. why be such a loser. anyway you look at it..you know it's wrong and immature. Get your high naturally with your low self-esteem. You still don not the effects af this artificial nonsense. Denial because you can't handle reality.

  6. so K2 is legal in 50 states? and there is 2 people you " Think " because of a roomer that it may have in some way effected or caused their death? okay statisticaly speaking.. is that really something to actually even be worried about? seeing that more then a few million smoke it EVERY DAY, but wait there is two that MAY have died from it.... as said above.. do you know your numbers? do the math on a death related cause from either A)cigarett or B) drinking alch. and is this K2 addictive? cause i know for a fact that the shit they put in a cig is.

  7. If you can add.. sit there and think of the millions of thousands of people that die every day from cigaret's or haven a few cold beers and decide they can drive home.. think of it. now think about what you are complaining about. your sayin you think something should be illegal due to the small mind of a media reporter who wants to make money off something as stupid as this? yet a store can sell the top selling ticket to your own death bed!? (cigarets).. in my personal opinion and it is MY personal opinion. Im very happy that i can now have a moment to sit and enjoy a high without the feeling of going to jail.. and maybe it'll save the tax dollars from sending some kid to jail for a quarter bag ( 7 Grams ).

  8. i tryed this shit once.... yeah "ONCE" and it's wak as hell! it's not a good buzz nore a happy one. made me have a upset stomech, dizzy, paranoid and mad. never agin!!!

  9. I totally understand those who want to defend the use of this chemical combo, however it works both ways. You don't know what is in it or how it will effect you. Just be cautious that each time you use this drug could be the time you experience very negative side effects. Weed is the same way because any smart person knows weed is Not just picked dried and sold. People, although few, have died from smoking weed. Whether it is because of an unknown heart murmur or a tragic accident because it was used in an unsafe environment. Let's keep in mind that the FDA approved drugs like prozac and ambien can cause unsafe sleep walking in which people have harmed themselves or others!!!! Any drug whether over the counter, prescribed, or bought from your local weed Rep, can all be dangerous. So if the high of life itself is not enough...JUST KNOW CAUTION NEEDS TO BE HEAVILY EXERCISED. Each TIME is a risk.


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