Wednesday, May 12, 2010


It keeps getting worse for King. He is running a negative campaign ad against Greg Fischer claiming that Fischer donates to Republican candidates for office. While it is true that Fischer himself donated $600 to Anne Northup for a campaign the hypocrisy is that King of all people is trying to go negative against anybody.

Especially since he has contributed to Republicans as well. Look below.

LOUISVILLE, KY, 402050000
Occupation : CPA/PRESIDENT

INDIVIDUAL Contribution $200.00 on 10/27/2003

So much for that spin eh?

While no fan of Greg Fischer admittedly, the truth must be told. King is spending a bundle trying to manipulate us into thinking he will be a good Mayor. He has some doing everything they can online trying to spin him into a good light. They like to try and discount me by false accusations against me and those I support. Typical by some who just don't get it. There is no way to put King in a good light.

And that is his fault alone. While these waterboys and detractors will continue taking cheap shots with no substance against me we cannot afford to miss the facts. While they continue aiding and abetting this monstrosity we call the KINGdom I will continue doing what I always do. Lay out the facts and let you decide.

This election is too important.

Look at the failures of this man. He continually does things illegally and unethically just for the sake of winning an election? Apparently he does not need the money so what is to gain? Ego and power strokes. That is all.

I mean look at the evidence before you.

King just paid the highest known fine in Kentucky History to the tune of $30,000 combined for him and daughter Katie for his illegal campaign tatics during her Judge race.

King is under current criminal investigation by the Kentucky State Police.

He unethically tried to capitalize on ST. X logo for a fundraiser.

The Attorney General Jack Conway's own brother left the Katie King campaign because of ethical concerns.

Former campaign consultant Denise Bentley left for unethical concerns and was so concerned about it she wrote a book I outlined in a previous post. In fact here is another excerpt from it:

Amazing after bad press and bad polls, Jim decides that he must do whatever it takes to get Katie elected, or it would be a reflection on him and his future. (Yes he was running for Mayor at the time) Suddenly I wasn’t marginalized, it was an open checkbook and anything goes, just get Katie elected. Jim has a habit of doing things he knows is wrong only to ask for forgiveness later, he will remind you it is easier that way.

The amazing thing is that even after all this King still fells like he can buy the Mayoralship. He gave himself $760,000 early in the campaign and on April 30 gave hhimself another $100,000 Bringing the total to $860,000.

How much more will he spend trying to buy us off remains to be seen but this much is sure.

How can you tell when Jim King is lying?

Every time he opens his mouth.

He paints himself as this great CPA and yet even the PCAOB in Florida stated this just last year:

PCAOB Release No. 104-2009-074Inspection of King & CompanyCertified Public Accountants, P.S.C.May 21, 2009
Page 4 inspection team that the Firm did not obtain sufficient competent evidential matter tosupport its opinion on the issuer's financial statements.
9/ Those deficiencies were –(1) the failure to perform sufficient procedures to test the valuation andaccounting for stock options issued; and(2) the failure to perform sufficient procedures to support the Firm's relianceon controls at a service organization.

Really what more do we need to know this man is not competent or ethical enough to be the Mayor of our Louisville.

While the charges against Fischer may be true the messenger is not ethical enough in his own right to force the issue.

Make up your own minds on who to support as I am no fan of either Fischer or King for the job but please pay attention to the facts when you do.


  1. This is why I gave you some advice about descending into vendetta thinking.

    This is not mayoral candidate Jim King. It is his son.

    No matter how you cut it, you are carrying some degree of water for Greg "Harvey Sloane" Fischer.

  2. Steve the address listed is King SOuthern Bank headquarters and honestly it does not detract from this story either way. King is attacking Fischer for donations his FAMILY made to Republicans as well as the 600 he gave to Northup.

    Well here is proff whether it was King himself or his FAMILY does the same thing.

    Nice spin though. King is a master at it. And really carrying water for anyone? You should maybe recheck your ethics in this regard along with your buddy.

    Thanks for writing.

  3. Jimmy King is not a CPA as noted in the occupation.

  4. Ed, another great post. Magruder, you don't get it. You and another blogger continue to defend King and trash Fischer at will. Just because Fischer doesn't agree with your stance on the bridges - doesn't make him a bad candidate. I won't be voting for either King or Fischer but at least I could live with a candidate who is not an absolute embarrassment to this city - which King with his past and manner in dealing people would certainly be. Maybe if you spent more time supporting and working for Tyler Allen (who is a great candidate) than castigating Fischer on these blogs - we'd have a closer race.

  5. A bad candidate is indeed someone who takes the stands that Fischer does on the bridges, whether it's Fischer, Tandy, etc. Fischer wants to tax us into the ground with tolls and build downtown interstate infrastructure we don't need. He's never getting my vote.

    And even though King has it right about the tolls, he's still wrong in his support for the downtown ORBP.

    At any rate, Fischer is highly likely winning the primary, so we're going to have two pro-toll-tax pro-downtown-destruction candidates to pick from, unless a strong independent enters the race.

    But to think Fischer won't embarrass us? I don't care about that, so much as I care about a candidate who takes a position that would ruin Louisville.

    It's time to find somebody to draft. Neither Fischer or Heiner fits the bill.

    (As for how I spend my time, the anonymous coward should mind their own business.)

  6. Steve - why don't you run - you seem to know everything and are certainly convinced you are right on the bridges. Jump in the political arena or are you a coward?


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