Tuesday, May 11, 2010


After all I have done and said in regards to Jim King it appears there may be even more. Take today's LEO story for example: Former King consultant writes “tell-all” book - FatLip. This could be the catalyst for even more charges against King.

It seems Denise Bentley, who I am no fan of assuredly if you read this website, has decided that King finally went too far and wrote a "tell all" book to back it up. Is she writing this for money, or for easing her conscience you can decide for yourself, but one thing is for sure.

The Kingdom is unraveling. Check out Bentley's King website at The Real Story.

Here is an excerpt from her website:

Working with Jim during his daughter's Katie King election to District Court Judge was more than a trip it was a journey! His goal was to get Katie elected, he didn't care how, he just wanted to get the job done. He tried to put together what he saw as the "Dream Team" but by the November election many of the dreams became a nightmares. Jim comes from the school of money can buy you happiness and he soon found out this race would cost him a lot. He didn't care what the cost, he had to get his Katie elected. This was the beginning of my journey through the Kingdom, from Katie's race to his own race for Mayor. You would not believe how this man operates and how he THINKS you can win an election. As I stated earlier he will attempt to win by any means necessary.

This has been known for quite some time as I have outlined repeatedly through this website the KREF violations I pursued that led to the highest known fines in Kentucky history. The ONGOING criminal investigation that he is still in and one that even Attorney General Conway will not make sure gets done in a timely manner.

Why would I say that about Conway?

Simple, in February Conway was asked, reluctantly at that, by County Attorney Mike O'Connell to assign a Special Prosecutor to the case I filed against King attorneys' Sheryl Snyder and Amy Cubbage of Frost, Brown, and Todd. I have written the AG twice to ask who the Special Prosecutor was or if it had even been assigned and both times with no response.

This creates a problem as AG Conway well knows there is a statute of limitations on this case and it expires in 2 months. SO the question becomes is this being avoided so they can lay claim that it has expired at a later date? Time will tell. I find it insulting though that he is running for Senate and he is not even doing his job as AG.

Meanwhile Bentley addresses the KREF fiasco in her book and now since she was a campaign insider to King, during Katie's race and Jim King's Mayoral one until recently, she has now made herself a witness that can be subpoenaed and may be able to tell even more than I have uncovered.

Bentley goes on further on the webpage:

The number one thing wrong with Katie is her dad Jim. Jim is the root to all of her problems, whether it is personal, political or professional. Katie is competent and confident, but whenever Jim gets in the mix along with Trish and her craziness all hell breaks loose.

The media have been very critical of Katie when in actuality it isn’t Katie it is her twisted dad. Katie relied as in the past tense on Jim for advice, after the whole Kentucky Registry Election Finance mess Katie decided to take charge and rightfully so.

In my opinion, all the negative things said about Katie, the drugs, the bad relationships, the attendance issues, the sale of her house, on and on are ALL bought on by JIM. And what Jim doesn’t mess up Trish will make it her business to get in the middle of and mess it up. This dynamic duo is extremely dangerous together.

I will disagree with her on Katie to an extent. Does Katie need help? In my opinion yes but I am no Doctor. Katie is an adult and a lawyer, prior to being elected Judge, and if she is not accountable to her actions than who is? If she cannot take responsibility for her part in this then how can she be trusted as a Judge. And one with low scores as reported previously.

And before anyone asks Trish is the woman who works for King that there have been rumors about for years as his mistress. Of course Trish has not been the only mistress with King, there have been others, and yes even at the expense of being called a liar I have interviewed them and they are scared to come forward.

I can understand that as many are scared of bullies like King.

Unfortunately, I am not one of them and perhaps maybe Bentley isn't either. Time will tell.

In the meantime I would love to see the texts, emails, and other evidence Bentley claims she has. Maybe it would answer even more questions.

Your thoughts?

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