Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Steve Beshear as you know recently spoke about the budget and taking credit for getting it done essentially. Well David Williams was on Mandy Connell just a minute ago and apparently Beshear has some memory problems.

Consider these points from Senator Williams:

Beshear originally wanted to take the 412 million from lottery that is currently used to fund scholarships and use it to balance the budget instead. So much for higher education in Kentucky not to mention it would have violated what we agreed to when we brought the lottery to Kentucky.

The special session was called to pass a budget yet the budget that Beshear called the special session for was the same one the senate conference committee put forth at end of the regular session. So Beshear now claims he needed a special session to get the budget that was already before him towards the end of the regular session.

While Beshear claims he made the changes to the budget that was voted on apparently this again is a lie.

Beshear counted on a medicaid increase from feds that did not come. This is gimmick funding. Normally medicaid is funded on a 75/25 split with feds in Kentucky and it does vary state to state based on poverty level. While many states, 35, were hoping for the same thing it did not happen and we cannot budget on hopeful income.

Beshear's answer for the budget was basically 900 million in one time money. Seriously? You cannot do an effective budget with one time money as the base. Common sense tells you that one time money is exactly that. To be used one time. Once it is gone then what? Beshear had no plan for that.

Governor Beshear says he has cut $1 billion from state budget. Has he shown any proof? According to Senator Williams this has not been done nor could it be.

Many questions abound but nothing new.

Your thoughts?

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