Monday, June 14, 2010


You have to love the insider machine. anyone who thinks Fisher is not the next Abramson is in for a rude awakening. While perusing my regular sites, yep Joe Arnold you are one of my regular visits, I saw this post: Poynter leaving Abramson for Fischer Louisville Blogs News for Louisville, Kentucky.

I saw the healdine and had to read it again.

Abramson's favorite overpaid spin machine spokesman Chris Poynter is leaving the Abramson machine to work for Greg Fisher as his overpaid spokesman. Of course the plan is for Fisher to win and Poynter never misses a beat as official overpaid spokesperson for the Mayor. Kind of looks like that is a new tag in the making isn't it?

We already had the "Mayor for life" in Abramson why not a "Mayoral Spokesman for life" in Chris Poynter?

But I digress.

Interestingly enough though Poynter is moving on ahead of Abramson leaving after all their years together. One more leaving the ship.

According to Joe, "The move would set Poynter up to return to City Hall as Fischer's chief spokesman, but Poynter would not comment that far in the future.

Poynter says it was "very easy to get on board" the Fischer campaign. He says Fischer's job creation record and understanding of business makes him a "dynamic" choice for Metro Mayor."

Poynter needs to check some things out apparently. But the biggest news I got from the story is this:

Poynter disclosed that Fischer is looking for a campaign manager. Former field director Lisa Tanner left the campaign almost two months ago, according to spokeswoman Rande Swann.

Swann served as Chief of Staff of the primary campaign, but tells me her last day as paid staff, as planned was May 31. She plans on volunteering some time on a limited basis until after her daughter's wedding in September.


Fisher has been without a campaign manager for almost two months? His campaign manager quit and his Chief of Staff resigned on May 31? Not only did his Chief of Staff drop down to a lowly unpaid spokesperson she has now been replaced by an overpaid spokesperson in Poynter.

Anyone see a problem with Fisher's management style. One would certainly think that during a general election doing without a campaign manager for two months is very telling. Why has he not hired someone new?

There is trouble in the Fisher camp and apparently his management skills are in dire need of upgrading. Interesting too that his campaign leadership, and both women, who helped him win handily in the primary are now out of a job. Does Fisher have a problem with women in power?

If he cannot even keep a simple campaign staff together long enough to get elected how will he govern Louisville?

What say ye?


  1. Ed, I'd like to clarify some misinformation in your blog.
    1. Lisa Tanner was one of the field staff for Fischer for Mayor, never the campaign manager.
    2. The Campaign Manager function was filled through May 31st by Rande Swann, who preferred and used the title Chief of Staff rather than Campaign Manager.
    3. Rande Swann neither quit nor resigned. She negotiated an employment agreement in January that ended May 31st at her request due to prior family obligations. However, she continues to be fully committed to the Fischer campaign and currently serves on a more limited, volunteer basis -- at her request -- until mid-September, when she has offered to return full time in whatever capacity is needed at that time.
    4. Rande Swann helped recruit Chris Poynter as Fischer campaign spokesperson since she is unavailable to work full time in the campaign until mid-September.
    5. Greg Fischer is one of the strongest proponents of women in top leadership positions with which I have had the pleasure of working, which is why I am eager to return to the campaign as soon as my family obligations have been met.
    Rande N. Swann

  2. Fair enough but the story still stands. He is without a campaign manager and the main gist is that Fisher is business as usual. Hiring Chris Poynter so he could continue the tradition of being the spin machine for the Democratic hacks is just one more example.

    There will ne much more to say between now and November and some of it will be very interesting if Fisher can stay away from charges ;-)

    Thanks for writing I appreciate it.

  3. On a totally unrelated note, it takes an entire summer to do a wedding? For heaven's sake, are we talking royalty here?

  4. Younoticed that too eh? My son and future daughter in law are going tobe married the end of July. We have been working and planning tis wedding for months and of course we certainly could not give up our jobs and it did not interfere with the plans.

    Looks like in politica any excuse will do. :Look at Jane Driscoll for example she "retired" so she could get married then immediately got hired back by Abramson so she could double dip.

    This game is old to say the least.

    Thanks for writing

  5. On a somewhat creepy note, why does Rande Swann talk about herself in the third person like she did in the above comment?
    Thats just super super weird.


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