Monday, June 14, 2010


I was invited to attend the annual GOP picnic entitled Unity 2010 at the home of Senator Dan Seum yesterday. I have to be honest here. I dreaded going in a way because typically these political events are, well, boring as hell, and turn into a cliquish event where you generally don't exist if you aren't in with the "players."

Of course I attended anyway as a stalwart reporter for this site and a former candidate. Ah the sacrifices we make for the sake of news eh?

So yep I attended the annual GOP picnic at Senator Dan Seum's house yesterday. Anyone and everyone running for office was there including notables such as Hal Heiner, Rep. Kevin Bratcher, Renay Davis, Brian Simpson, Wade Hurt, Jerry Miller, Sandra McLaughlin, Christine Ward, and many many others. Other notables in attendance included Chris Thieneman, Kaven Rumpel, and Senator Seum of course.

GOP Chair Shellie May chaired the annual event and did a great job. Mention must also be given for Iris Wilbur who most recently worked for the Chris Thieneman campaign and now is working for the local GOP. Trust me Iris is one to watch in the future. A harder or more dedicated worker I have never met. She keeps me inspired and that is hard to do. Another mention must go out to Rachel Ford. Rachel is as dedicated as they come to working to make a difference and did a great job yesterday keeping things moving along.

The first thing I noticed was that I did not see any cliques standing in opposite areas. This actually was an interesting development for me as I have attended both Democrat and Republican functions and that is always the case. Cliques ignoring everyone not in their circle.

Another interesting thing about this event is that unlike years past most did indeed seem well unified.

Everyone was intermingling. Everyone seemed genuinely happy to be together and working towards a common cause. Other annual picnics I have attended have seen the cliques break away from each other and it was obvious there was dissension within the party.

Not this year. This year's group was entirely different. Everyone seemed to genuinely get along and the normal cliquish behavior did not exist.

Of course the candidates got to speak as they do at every event but normally you can see the crowd tune out the candidates, and in some cases that was true yesterday, but in most the crowd seemed intent on hearing what the candidates had to say.

In the case of Mayoral candidate Hal Heiner I have to say he was the most impressive of the day. Forceful in speaking, using examples of what is wrong with the Mayor's office, and candid about what he will do to fix it. For the first time I saw Hal Heiner truly be forceful in a way that resonates with all of us.

The crowd literally hung on his every word during his speech and I was even flattered listening to Hal speak about a case I did a story on, and am continuing an investigation on, just the other day Louisville News and Politics: METRO TIPLINE LEADS TO UNEMPLOYMENT WHEN USED

If this is a sign of things to come then the name Unity 2010 aptly fits.

The Republicans seem to be finally standing together and that bodes well for conservative voices in Louisville and throughout the State.

I am looking forward to November...........

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