Wednesday, June 2, 2010


You know there was much to be said about Gilles Melloche leaving Louisville Metro Animal Services. Many of us were thankful. Here on this site we called for his resignation and outed the problems of MAS.


We even dedicated a show on MyViewMatters Radio to this issue: Louisville News and Politics: MYVIEWMATTERS RADIO SHOW W/BARBARA HAINES

Sadly though the other thing many of us feared was Melloche's go to guy Wayne Zelinsky taking over. Zelinsky was the right hand man to Melloche and co conspirator.

Zelinsky is also part of the lawsuits against LMAS because of his behavior. It would seem that most were right in their fears of him taking over. Look at the LEO article today by Jonathon Meador: (Yet Another) Dog Day Afternoon Louisville's Alt-Weekly LEO Weekly

The LMAS Gestapo is still in full force. According to the article:

“The complaint was that I had a lot of dogs,” says Kelly, whose job as founder of the state-licensed Advocate 4 Animals rescue group has her boarding multiple animals at a time. “There were no complaints about them attacking anybody or about them getting out, just that I apparently have too many. The ordinance says nothing about having ‘too many animals’ if they’re properly licensed.”

Upon opening the front door to speak with the animal control officers, Kelly says the lead officer swung open the outer screen door and barged in, leading the uninvited throng into her home without a warrant.

Who gave these nuts the right to illegally enter a home without cause? These kind of cases were what we came to expect from Melloche and one reason why he was ousted. Then the Abramson gestapo regime replaces him with his mirror image in Zelinsky so this can continue?

Where is the outrage?

Ms. Kelly is a longtime volunteer with MAS who works to help animals. They could not speak with her they had to resort to this gestapo?

Furthermore, according to the article, when all was said and done, the case against Kelly was dismissed — but not before she registered a complaint of her own with the Louisville Kennel Club, whose president, Donna Herzig, says they’ve been getting more reports of illegal searches and seizures conducted by animal control officers than she can count.

This is beyond ridiculous and this is criminal in my estimation.

Metro Councilman Kelly Downard had this to say:

“That surprises me,” says Downard, who is a member (and former chairman) of Metro’s Government Accountability and Oversight Committee. “My understanding was that Capt. Zelinsky would cease and desist on this. The complaints that began (under Meloche’s tenure) were because ACOs (animal control officers) had no warrant. These ACOs are supposed to be peace officers, and they are required to follow the law like any other peace officer. To enter into someone’s home like that without a warrant is unacceptable.”

I could not agree more Councilman Downard.

In some cases illegal entry gets you shot. Is this what they want? Seriously. I'm not advocating violence but there is much to be worried about in this world and allowing an abusive government to be a gestapo against its citizens is not what America is about. With so many out there who are tired of this mindset and behavior by our own government, is it a matter of time before we see violence?

Anyone ever heard the saying you can have my gun when you take it from my cold dead body?

If this gestapo mentality continues to exist in Metro Government we very well may be seeing that on a daily basis.

Zelinsky are you listening? Clean it up before a real crime or disaster inadvertently occurs.

Jerry Abramson and Bill Summers? Fire this idiot.

The time for your regime is over.


  1. Meloche was a change agent according to Abramson.

  2. I'd love to know EXACTLY what the training consists of for an ACO. I don't blame the individual employees, since I strongly suspect that they get absolutely no training on the legal aspects of their job. Zelinsky was supposedly a cop somewhere, I'd like to see his actual resume, too - since obviously he missed that day on the Fourth Amendment.

  3. I am dealing with a similiar situation currently regarding LMAS.

    You can read the detailed account on my blog


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